REVIEW: Crest SensiStop Strips #SensiStop

If you have sensitive teeth, eating or drinking almost ANYTHING can be a pain sometimes.  Cold, hot, acidic, you can feel the pain in your teeth when the offending food meets your mouth.  Wouldn’t you like to experience immediate, long lasting relief to your tooth sensitivity?  That’s where new Crest SensiStop strips come in!


Here’s a little more info about SensiStop:

Crest® Sensi-Stop™ Strips are thin, flexible strips that contain an active ingredient used by dental professionals. Unlike toothpaste, Crest® Sensi-Stop™ Strips are applied directly to sensitive areas, providing targeted delivery of the key ingredient that allows for longer contact time on the surface of the tooth. Within minutes, strips build a lasting barrier that helps stop sensitivity pain by blocking tubules, relieving symptoms of dental sensitivity for up to 30 days*.

A breakthrough way to get tooth sensitivity relief.
1 strip for targeted contact.
10 minutes for immediate sensitivity relief.
Up to 1 month of long-lasting protection.*
Get sensitivity relief like never before.

If you’ve ever used WhiteStrips to whiten your teeth, the SensiStop strips work in the same way…but you only need ten minutes, once a month for them!

The strips are pretty cool in that they actually contain an ingredient that helps block pain centers in the nerves of the tooth.

My troublesome tooth was one of my molars, so I couldn’t really get a picture of the strip in action.  These are very easy to use, and do indeed provide immediate relief.  The supply of 6 strips lasts up to six months, but you can apply a strip as often as you feel necessary.  My husband and I each used a strip, and while he said his sensitivity protection wore off after about a week, mine is still pretty good!


 The strips themselves are quite a bit smaller than the traditional Crest Strips you may be used to, but that is because the SensiStrips are designed to be used on one or two teeth at a time.

If you have sensitive teeth but still love your coffee, soda, orange juice and more, these Crest SensiStrips are a must!


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