REVIEW: Children’s Dimetapp Cold & Cough #ChildrensDimetapp


In the cusp between fall and winter, it never fails that my child will get a nagging cough that plagues him for a week or so.  It’s usually not a worry enough that I have to bring him to the doctor, but the coughing makes him miserable and just sounds so terrible.  This year, I got the chance to combat his cough with Children’s Dimetapp.


The Dimetapp has the great classic grape flavor that generations have grown up loving, but my 6 year old balked at it.  I suppose over the years he has grown accustomed to RED medications, as he so haughtily let me know! Nevertheless, he came to like the grape taste after a couple of days.

One dose of the Daytime Cold & Cough was enough to get him through his full day of school with less coughing, though he definitely needed another dose by 3 PM.

In my opinion, the Night Time medication was the more effective of the two! One dose before bedtime worked to stop coughing throughout the night and get him to sleep, and as an added bonus the boy did not wake up groggy in the morning.

We only had to take the medication for about three days before his symptoms cleared up, so that was amazing.

I’ve been made a believer in Children’s Dimetapp, and I think it will be great for your household too!


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  1. Received Children’s Dimetapp for free from Smiley360. This in no means affects my review. Absolutely love this product! Works wonderfully for my daughter, its the only children’s cold product that I have found that will help sooth that cold for my daughter. Will keep spreading the word!!

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