Getting Baby’s Nursery Ready


Setting up your baby’s nursery is a joyous occasion. It’s a room you and your baby will be spending a lot of time in, so the furniture choices you make can go a long way toward making the room comfortable and cozy. For many people, the focal point of the room is the crib. The choices you’ll make as you purchase a crib include size, style, and material. While there are a variety of lovely and versatile cribs on the market, a wooden crib can be an excellent choice for at least three reasons.

A Classic Look

While wooden cribs aren’t the only cribs with classic lines, there is something beautifully old-fashioned and solid about a wooden crib. Wooden furniture brings to mind earlier eras when people hand-crafted many of their important furniture pieces. There is also a beauty to the natural grain and glowing colors of wood that lends an elegance to the choice. Many solid wood cribs being crafted today have the look and feel of vintage pieces.

So choosing a wooden crib can give your nursery a classic, elegant centerpiece. You could go with either a natural or painted finish. Wooden rockers, glider, bookcases and changing tables can provide nice complements to your wooden crib. Some people also prefer wooden cribs to iron or metal cribs because they can feel warmer and softer to the touch.


Wooden cribs, especially those made from hard woods such as cherry, oak or maple, often have great durability. Softer wood cribs, like those made from woods like pine, will probably not have as great a durability as they have a tendency to warp. If you’re considering purchasing a convertible crib, one that can be transformed from a crib to a day bed or standard size bed, durability is a definite consideration since you may be using that frame for years.

Easy to Clean

A wooden crib is also relatively easy to clean. If you choose a dark wood crib, that may hide smudges and smears more easily. Regardless of the kind of wood you choose, your crib should be easy to wipe down with a natural, non-chemical cleaner that won’t hurt your baby, such as a combination of olive oil and lemon juice.

Choosing nursery furniture is an exciting chapter in getting ready for your baby’s homecoming. A wooden crib can add beauty, durability, and cleaning ease to your decor.

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