REVIEW: SweeTarts Soft & Chewy Ropes


SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes offers a new mouthwatering licorice rope with the electrifying flavor fusion of sweet and tart.

The result is a delightfully chewy, smooth texture, never tough or waxy candy, that makes a tasty anytime treat! Don’t miss out on SweeTARTS Soft & Chewy Ropes when you’re reaching for something sweet & tangy!



This candy is pretty unique.  It’s really a candy within a candy.  It’s a sour powder filled licorice, that is very soft and so easy to eat.  I found the candy to be a bit too tart for my own liking, but my six year old LOVED it.



I didn’t feel too bad about giving it to him, either, because SweeTarts Soft & Chewy Ropes are made with NO artificial colors or flavors.  I think this candy would be a great road trip or baseball park snack…so stock up for the summer!

DISCLAIMER: I was sent free product for reviewing purposes from Smiley360. No other compensation was given, and my thoughts and photos are my own.

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