6 Reasons to Travel With Your Friends to Miami Beach

Miami Beach has long been known as one of the partying capitals of America. So, if you’re planning on traveling there, why not go with your friends? There are plenty of cheap hotels in Miami to house a crowd affordably, and there are endless ways for groups to enjoy the sunny vacation spot.

1. It’s a party town

One of the best reasons to go to Miami with friends is because it’s a city that’s all about fun — and what better way to have fun than with your buddies? There are countless bars and clubs that stay open here all night, and traveling with a group is a great way to ensure you have a gang to hang out with when you check all of them out!

2. There are great deals on suite hotels

If you want to travel with a group, you’ll find hotels in Miami with rooms as big as apartments or luxury suites. One of the best hotels in Miami with large (but affordable) suites is the Fortune House Luxury Apartment Suites.

3. There’s a wide variety of activities

Although Miami is all about the nightlife, it also has tons of other attractions that make it a great place for a group of people with diverse interests. In Miami, people can enjoy things like a Miami Heat basketball game at the AmericanAirlines Arena, a quiet nap in the sun on North Beach or even a massage and facial at The Palms Hotel & Spa.

4. There are group discounts to activities

Many of the most popular activities throughout the city offer discounted tickets for groups. This means that everyone can enjoy an activity affordably. Some of the most popular group discounts in Miami Beach include discounted Cirque du Soleil tickets and Skydive Miami group discounts.

5. The beaches are vast and gorgeous

When you travel to Miami, you don’t have to worry about finding room on the beach for a whole group of friends. It may be a tiny city, but it is made of barrier islands. For instance, on the eastern coast, from the northern tip to the south, it’s nearly all beach, meaning all of your friends will have plenty of room to stretch out, sit back and relax, no matter how busy the city is.

6. The food is delicious

There’s nothing better than bonding over a delicious meal with friends. Luckily, Miami has no shortage of amazing culinary delights, from upscale, haute cuisine dining destinations to delicious Cuban food served on the street. Grab your friends and have an unforgettable luxury meal at the Setai Grill located in Setai Miami Beach, or just get a quick bite of sustainable farm fresh fare at the courtyard pool bar at the Freehand Miami.

Miami Beach offers travelers of all sorts an unforgettable vacation experience. So when you go there, bring along your friends! You’ll have the chance to make memories of a lifetime in one of the most fun and beautiful places in America.

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