8 Foods You Must Try in Naples

Naples is home to many foods that offer foodies a wonderful opportunity to explore Italy’s rich culinary heritage. Here are 8 foods that you must try while visiting Naples that are especially worth a closer look:

Margherita Pizza
Many food historians believe that several Naples-area chefs invented this pizza in the 1830s. One type of Margherita pizza that comes close to this original version is served in eateries that are located near Hotel San Paolo. Be sure to pair this pizza with a tomato salad and lots of crunchy bread to create a wholesome lunch that is fun for the whole family to share.

Gelato is a soft ice cream that typically contains less butterfat and sugar than most ice creams that are produced in North America. Many coffee bars and ice cream parlors in Naples serve fruit or vanilla-flavored versions of gelato that make great endings to any meal.

Parmigiana di Melanzane
Parmigiana di melanzane is a breaded eggplant dish that is cooked in a similar manner as veal or chicken parmigiana. It is often paired with pasta and tomato salads to create a summertime treat that makes traveling to Naples worthwhile. Moreover, many foodies pair parmigiana di melanzane with merlots or chardonnays to create an unforgettable taste experience that makes traveling in Naples exciting.

Rabbit Cacciatore
This hearty dish features fresh rabbit that has been slowly simmered with peas, white wine and garlic in a rich tomato sauce. Many hotels in Naples serve this dish with spaghetti in order to sop up any remaining tomato sauce that lingers behind.

Baccalà is a type of dried cod that has been eaten in Naples for thousands of years. Some of the most popular ways of eating it includes an oven-roasted lunch dish that is served with potatoes and onions. It can also be found in many breakfast dishes that are served in Naples-area cafes.

Pasta e Fagioli
This deceptively simple dish combines pasta and beans to create a hearty soup that is filling and satisfying. Some of the beans that are used to create this dish include kidney beans, navy beans and cranberry beans. Moreover, many chefs in Naples add freshly grated Parmesan cheese to add depth to the soup’s texture and flavor.

Ragu is a meat-based tomato sauce that is simmered for a long time to create a thick texture and an intense tomato taste that is slightly acidic. It is often served on top of pasta to create a hearty dinner. Moreover, many ragus can be eaten as a stew with a fresh salad and red wine.

Delizie al Limone
These tasty desserts are a lemon lover’s dream come true. They feature fresh sponge cakes that are filled with lemon cream and covered with freshly whipped lemon cream. Many bakeries in Naples serve these desserts with coffee and fresh fruit.
As you can see, Naples is home to many tasty foods that offer travelers a fun opportunity to explore Italy’s culinary heritage. Feel free to use the information about the foods mentioned above to start your own search for other foods in Naples that make traveling in Italy worthwhile.

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