Pamper Yourself with Treats from Gourmet Gifter!

Now that the kids are getting back to their school routines, wouldn’t it be nice to take a little time for Mom?  As mom to a first grader and another baby on the way, I know that I treasure every second I can get to myself–and sometimes I like to enjoy special treats while I can!

That’s why Gourmet Gifter is such a revelation! You can create your own personalized gift basket, with lots of amazing choices.  Whether your tastes run salty or sweet, chocolatey or more healthy, you are sure to find a gourmet goody that will delight.

One item I tried that became a quick favorite was Colby’s Kettle Corn in the Salty Sweet Addiction flavor.  This kettle popped, hand sifted popcorn tastes just like the stuff you would get at a fair.  I let my hubby and son sample it as well, and we all agreed it was great! It’s perfect for the times where you can’t decide if you want a salty or sweet snack–in this, you get both!  To make it even more satisfying, is the fact that this kettle corn is non-GMO, low in calories, and gluten free!

Colby’s Kettle Corn, in several flavors, is just one of the delectable selections you will find at Gourmet Gifter!  As an added bonus, Gourmet Gifter is running an August Special for new subscribers–with your first order of $30 or more, you can receive a FREE TRIO of Colby’s Kettle Corn (including Salty Sweet Addiction, Butter Salt Craving, and Cinnamon Sugar Sensation).  Simply use code FIRSTORDER when you checkout.

I look forward to bringing you more information about Gourmet Gifter as they expand!


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