Positive and Negative Influences of Alcohol

Alcohol has, like it or not, become one of the most important socializing tools in last hundred years. Although people consumed it during the entirety of history, as of late, it has come into a whole different dimension. It is not as shunned as it was before and scientists and doctors are analyzing various positive and negative things that alcohol brings into our daily lives. Like most medical mysteries, there is no clear answer. It is up to us to decide whether it is worth it or not to continue drinking in the future.
First thing worth mentioning is that alcohol is in fact a toxin. The only reason why we as humans are able to deal with it is because we developed enzymes within our body during our evolutionary process. Humankind eats a lot of fermented fruit which needs to be processed within our bodies and dissolved. We are able to process a part of it, while the rest stays unprocessed. This is the cause for being drunk. Individuals have certain limits to processing, while the rest of the alcohol stays within the body. This is the reason for a hangover and because of it, we sometimes still feel drunk when we wake up.
This toxicity is the main cause of all diseases which alcohol produces in our bodies. Like any other food or drink, alcohol goes through our gastrointestinal tract. No matter how well we may dissolve the alcohol, the fact that it is a toxin and that we are constantly introducing that toxin into our bodies, still stands. The organ which is taking the biggest hit is the liver. Excessive alcohol can lead to fatty liver, liver cancer or total breakdown of the entire organ. In addition to that, there is a good chance for us to get other forms of cancer, such as the colon cancer.
But, lately science has told us there may be some positive effects of alcohol. The alcohol in our blood produces nitric oxide. This substance is responsible for dilation of our blood vessels, enabling more blood to run throughout our body. Most heart issues are in fact caused by bad circulation. Clogged arteries don’t allow us to pump blood to our heart which leads to a heart attack. This increase in size of blood vessels allows our heart to receive all the necessary substances and allows it unobstructed work. We need to take care though, because high intake of alcohol reverts back the process and reduces the flow of blood. Besides the heart, moderate intake of alcohol can reduce the chance of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. In this way, scientists have theorized that if you know how to control the alcohol in your system, you may not need to purchase certain medications from some online pharmacy, such as You! Drugstore, in order to resolve your heart issues.
Another thing that alcohol prevents is a high level of estrogen in the body. Women that drink red wine moderately have experienced a decrease in levels of estrogen. In some cases, this is good news, because estrogen is a cause for breast cancer and the control of this hormone as well as keeping it at lower levels can help us tackle this condition.
Alcohol can be an ally when tackling certain diseases and issues. Though, making the decision to drink it is not something that can be taken lightly. We need to be careful as to how much we introduce in our bodies. Otherwise we can suffer from numerous problems which even medications from an online drugstore can’t help you with.

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