COVER REVEAL: I Unlove You by Matthew Turner

Hey yall!  Before I show yall the cover for this book, I want to share something really cool the author is doing!  This novel, I Unlove You, is breaking new ground in that anyone can be a part of the writing process, befriend and influence the author, and best of all, be read for FREE! That’s right! Make sure to check out this link for all the details: I UNLOVE YOU.

I Unlove You

by Matthew Turner

New Adult Contemporary

I Unlove You Medium

Book Description

My name is Ausdylan Elvis Ashford, a twenty-two-year-old who leads a rather perfect life. With a steady job straight out of university, a charismatic best friend I’m in a band with, and a girlfriend I’ve loved since the moment I first gazed upon, I couldn’t ask for more. Until my perfect girlfriend, B, changed both of our lives forever.

It began with the words, “I’m pregnant,” and the realisation I’d soon guide a new life into this world. Embarking on my own journey of self-discovery, I found new meaning in love, living, friendship, and family. This should have become the greatest love story of all, but I assure you it isn’t.

Sometimes true love and unbreakable trust is built upon lies and deceit. Sometimes those you know better than anyone turn out to be strangers you don’t know at all. My name is Aus, and this is my (un)love story . . .

About the Author

Matthew Turner is an English author who writes gritty coming-of-age stories about love and life as an early twenty-something. His latest novel, I Unlove You, follows his previous books, Tick to the Tock and Beyond Parallel. You can learn more about his stories and general day dreaming at, where he opens up the entire writing process to avid readers and fellow writers like you.

Join his band of merry misfits and be part of an adventure that few writers share. Learn more at where you can download his latest novel for free.

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  1. Love this cover! Thanks for sharing Carrie xx

    • That’s super! The author has some more Artwork based on the cover and I’m creating a whole load of teaser graphics with quotes from the novel… a few of them are already up here: Carrie – I popped you an email last week to say Hi. If you’d like me to send something again on this book, or the big giveaway that launched this week, just let me know. Lx

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