REVIEW: DuckyMeter Bath Thermometer by Ozeri

If you’re a mom of a newborn, there is already so much to worry about.  Taking your baby to the tub should be a fun, relaxing time for both of you!  If you’re never quite sure that your baby’s bath water is the right temperature, it’s time to get a bath thermometer. The DuckyMeter from Ozeri is one fun choice!


The DuckyMeter is an automatic digital bath thermometer that can tell you within seconds if the bath water you are running is too hot, too cold, or just right for your baby.

It doesn’t hurt that this device looks just like a toy! In this manner, it won’t look out of place among the other baby stuff around your tub 😉 The DuckyMeter also features a soft yet durable outer cover that won’t harm baby if used as a toy in the tub.


The indicator light is super bright and the digital numbers are very easy to read.  The thermometer starts working instantly and works as long as it is in the water.  When you take it out, it automatically shuts off, so no worrying about the battery draining daily.

The DuckyMeter from Ozeri is a perfect tool to help you feel more at ease about bathing your baby.  It should be noted that you should always also check the water’s temp with your arm or elbow. Checking in more than one way will ensure your baby’s comfort, and ensure you and your baby some great bonding time.

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