Beautify Your Staircase With These Simple Ideas

The right artwork on a staircase wall can greatly enhance the look of a home with minimal investment. You will probably come in closer, and more frequent, contact with this aspect of your home’s interior design than you do with many others, as you’ll pass right by it multiple times a day. To make sure you get just the look you’re going for, keep these tips in mind.

Dealing with Angles

Some homeowners find it challenging to accommodate the angular nature of their stairs when hanging art, but this doesn’t have to be a significant obstacle to decorating a staircase wall. A good rule of thumb is that the center of a picture should hang 60 inches above the stair to which it is centered. Follow this rule when hanging single pieces or a connected series. A single, large piece of art next to a staircase can create a bold, eye-catching statement. For a series, decide on a set interval of steps at which to hang each item. For example, you might hang one picture 60 inches above every fourth step. This will ensure that your pieces are perfectly spaced and that they follow the angle of the stairs. Lay your chosen artwork out on the floor before hanging it to make sure you like the look the series creates. It’s usually a good idea to choose pieces with similar mats and frames in order to create cohesiveness.


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Family Photo Gallery

A staircase wall is an ideal place to showcase family photos for multiple reasons. There is often plenty of wall space that isn’t taken up by furniture or other obstructions. This is also a central feature of the home, used by all family members throughout the day, so it makes sense to use this space to celebrate the family’s most treasured memories.

Unlike works of art, which usually work better in moderation, family photos are often displayed in large clusters. This can create a challenge – you want to find a balance between clustering your photos and ending up with a space that looks busy or cluttered. The goal is for viewers to be able to appreciate both the overall look, and each individual image. One way to create a visual anchor is to establish an unbroken vertical and horizontal line running through your photo cluster. Another is to start with a large piece in the center of your staircase and cluster smaller photos around it. You could also group your photos into a series of larger rectangles that progress up your stairs.

Ultimately, the look you choose should be pleasing to you – after all, you’re the one who will be living with it every day. Select an approach that you feel works best with your space, and go for it!

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