REVIEW: Wine Aerator by Vino Aria #vinoaria

The holiday season is upon us, and for a lot of get togethers, that means a lot of wine will be flowing!  Make sure it tastes its’ best by using the wine aerator made by Vino Aria.


Sometimes a bottle of red wine can taste a little stale or bitter upon opening, especially if you’ve opted for a cheaper brand.  Using a wine aerator is the quickest way to get your wine to its’ optimal flavor level.  This aerator allows oxygen to circulate through your wine as you pour it, decreasing the amount of “breathe” time your glass of wine will need, and letting you enjoy it that much faster!


See the bubbles in the picture?  That’s how an aerator works! The pourer fits very snugly on top of your bottle of wine–I did not experience any spills or leaks at all.  I’m not entirely sure if my own palate is distinguished enough to tell a huge difference, but my husband said he noticed a lighter taste and that the wine felt less heavy in the mouth.


The Vino Aria comes packaged in a sleek black box perfect for gift giving.  Make your party host’s night by gifting them a better way to indulge in their favorite wine!

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