Picking a Perfect Mattress 101


Has your body been giving you hints that it might be time to go shopping for a new mattress? Waking up sore and achy in the morning is a sure sign, as is a noticeable slump in your mattress’ sleeping surface. Before you head out for a day at the mattress store, you can prepare yourself for the experience by gaining some extra knowledge. Here’s a primer on the best way to purchase a new mattress.

Know Your Options

There are three main types of mattresses available today, and each has its selling points. Although innersprings are still the most common and popular, the preference for foam mattresses has been surging. Here are the basics:

  • Innerspring: Based on a foundation of spring coils, these mattresses are among the least expensive options. Many are available with some sort of foam topper for additional comfort, but they still could be too bouncy for couples.
  • Foam: These feature memory foam or latex foam or both and are believed to help sleepers with back problems. Some consumers say they retain too much heat, though there are models that include a gel to cool sleepers.
  • Air: With air bladders in place of springs, these mattresses offer the ability to be adjusted for individual sleep preferences. There is a pad of foam over the bladders for comfort.

What’s Important to You?

Your choice of mattress materials likely will hinge on the factors that are most important to you for a good night’s sleep. Not everyone is annoyed by a bouncy surface, and others might insist on adjustability. Here are some priorities to think about when narrowing your choices:

  • Ease of movement: Some foam mattresses can make it difficult to change position. If you are a toss-and-turner, memory foam might not be for you.
  • Partner sleeping: The transfer of movement from your partner could be a big issue for you. Innersprings are the bounciest mattresses. If your partner also snores or crowds you, an adjustable air mattress could be a good option.
  • Heat retention: Some people naturally sleep hot, while others pile on the blankets. Consider a cooling gel layer if you are in the former category but want a foam mattress.
  • Support: Even if you don’t have back problems, you want a mattress that is supportive and comfortable, regardless what it is made of.

Try Them Out

Now that you’ve winnowed your list to a few choices, it’s time to try them out. Plan to take a while for this part, as you will need to spend considerable time on each model. Here’s a strategy to follow:

  • Clothing: Wear comfortable clothes that will allow you replicate your sleeping positions with ease.
  • Accessories: Bring your own pillows to the store. You want to create a sleeping environment that’s as close to the one in your home as possible.
  • Take time: Plan to spend at least 15 minutes in each of your preferred sleeping positions on each mattress. Only then can you get a realistic idea whether a mattress will work for you.

Check the Fine Print

If you think you’ve decided on a mattress, take a moment to check the details of the purchase before you hand over your credit card. These are some things to be careful about:

  • Pricing: Feel free to haggle on the price if you are in a mattress specialty store. The salespeople likely have room to maneuver and still make a profit.
  • Box spring: Unless your old one is completely shot, you don’t need to buy a new one. Check whether the price includes a foundation.
  • Warranties and returns: Some stores have very strict warranties and complicated return policies. Get familiar with the terms before you make the purchase.

Buying a new mattress does not have to be complicated, but you will get a much better fit if you take the time to research the options and really try out the floor models. Your next good night’s sleep may depend on your diligence.

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