REVIEW: Renuzit Sensitive Scents

Sometimes, a room or space needs a little freshening, but you don’t want a scented product that will knock you out from several feet away. Until now, this was hard to find. Renuzit Sensitive Scents is the new line of products that freshen the air while giving off just the right amount of aroma.


The products in this new line from Renuzit include plug-in fragrance oils, gel cones, and super odor neutralizer sprays.  The three scents available are White Pear & Lavender, Pure Ocean Breeze, and Water Blossom & Cucumber.


I used the gel cone in the large walk-in closet that my husband and I share.  Although I only put the cone in the corner of a shelf and opened it about halfway, I could smell it immediately.  I get a nice whiff whenever I enter the closet.  The Water Blossom & Cucumber scent is more on the cucumber side, so don’t be afraid that this is a floral only.


This scented oil in Pure Ocean Breeze is the perfect hint of scent for my baby’s nursery.  The plug where I placed it is very close to the crib, so I didn’t want to use something that would be overpowering while he slept.  The plug-in unit that came with this oil does not have a dial to adjust the fragrance, so that’s one less thing to deal with as well!


Pure White Pear & Lavender was my favorite of all three scents.  This super odor neutralizer has so many uses! I have used it on furniture, as an air freshening spray, and to scent the upholstery in my car.  You definitely need some odor neutralizer with a baby around to mask such smells as spit up and diapers, and this spray fits nicely into my household cleaning routine.

If you’re sensitive to heavily fragranced home products, Renuzit Sensitive Scents are the perfect solution to still have a nicely scented home.

Be sure to visit the Renuzit website and Facebook page for more information and special offers on many products.

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