REVIEW: Bath Toy Organizer by Bath Fun Time


I had a bath toy holder for my first child, and it was nowhere near large enough–that boy would take any and everything into the tub with him! So for my new son, I knew I wanted something much larger and something that would hold up through the years. I loved this toy organizer for many reasons! It is twice as large as the toy net I had before–so much stuff can fit in here!

The net is made of a medium-gauge mesh, and allows wet toys to drain and dry quickly. It comes with suction cups that I had a hard time making stay on my shower wall, but mine is made of plastic-type material and is rough rather than smooth. I simply am hanging the net from the bottom of my shower toiletry rack instead. The toys that come with the organizer are super cute and perfect for little hands.

Overall this is a great value and nice addition to my kids’ bathroom.

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