Entertainment That Promotes Seattle’s Beauty


After a long process of searching through Seattle condos and picking one out, you are probably looking forward to watching a little television or sitting down for your favorite movie. While you’re watching TV, you probably don’t notice where the movie or show is actually taking place.

Seattle happens to be an extremely popular location for movies and television shows to be filmed — and can make for some great memories and day trips for you and your family. If one of your favorite movies or shows is filmed in Seattle, what better way to take your fanaticism to the next level than by taking photos at the on-site location?

An all-time 1980’s favorite, “Say Anything,” featuring John Cusack and Ione Skye, is filmed in Seattle. This movie is most famous for its scene where Cusack blasts a love song outside of Skye’s window with a classic, old-fashioned boombox.

“Into the Wild,” the biography of Christopher McCandless, was filmed in Seattle and is a dramatic survival film based on the travels of this California local. In the film, McCandless, played by Emile Hirsch, ventures into the Alaskan wilderness — and this movie shares his tale.

Another hit film, “21 and Over,” was shot at Seattle’s very own big campus: University of Washington. A raunchy comedy about two young adults who want to take their friend out for his 21st birthday turns into an evening filled with shenanigans and mishaps.

Although the series ended long ago, a season of “The Real World,” the hit MTV reality show, was filmed and set in Seattle. The reality show sparked emotions within all of its viewers, as well as provided entertainment, laughs, and set the stage for all upcoming reality shows.

Many hit television shows and movies have been filmed in Seattle, as well as set in Seattle, so a little history about your future hometown can make for some exciting adventures for you and your family.

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