REVIEW: Arabica Coffee Scrub by Majestic Pure


I have long been a fan of sugar and salt scrubs, but this is the first time I have tried a coffee scrub!  I must say, this stuff is the real deal.

Upon opening the jar, you definitely receive a strong, strong whiff of coffee.  This scrub is made with natural Arabica coffee, which is a very dark type.  So behind that top note of coffee, you get a roasted, almost burnt note–although if you like very dark coffee and drink it on the regular, this will not be unfamiliar to you.


When you look at the scrub, you will see large coffee granules, along with the salt crystals that form the base for the product.  It should be noted that this is a very dry scrub, with no oils or soaps added. It does not lather at all.


It’s very easy to reach a couple fingers into this jar and take out a scoop, though it’s a bit messy as it’s dry and the crystals kind of spill out.  Depending on the area of the body you apply the scrub to, you might need a few scoops.


The texture is definitely gritty, as a matter of fact it’s not unlike sand.  You will get a very invigorating, highly exfoliating scrub with this product.  The salt particles are large. If you have sensitive skin you may not want to purchase this product.

My husband likes to use this scrub to remove unwanted, persistent smells from his hands, such as onions, garlic, seafood, etc.  We’re in Louisiana, so of course he uses it to remove the crawfish scent from his hands.  It works beautifully for this purpose.  Your skin is left with the coffee fragrance, but more of the burnt/ash type note.

If you’re looking for a way to give your morning shower a boost, or smooth out stubborn rough patches on areas such as heels and elbows, this is the perfect product for you.  If you’re prefer a more gentle scrub, choose something with a sugar base.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.  My opinions are my own and were not affected by this fact.

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  1. This is a GREAT coffee scrub. It has a lot of coffee grains that exfoliate as well as sugar and salt and oils to moisturize. It has a great strong coffee smell that really wakes you up in the shower. After using it my skin feels soft from both the exfoliation and moisturized from the oils. Highly recommend this!

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