Three British Autobiographies to Add to Your Summer Reading List


Summer is a great time to dive into a few new books. For summer reading, you want something that will engage you. It should be light, but still interesting and educational. That is why autobiographies are the best pick for your warm weather reading list. Whether you are lounging by the pool or sitting on your front porch enjoying the warm summer sun, an autobiography provides the perfect balance of entertainment and education. This summer, consider delving into a few autobiographies from British authors. The Brits have a great sense of humor, which is both self-deprecating and deliciously witty. Their ability to make the morbid light makes for great summer reading! Here are three British autobiographies that you will love reading this summer.

Tales from the Dance Floor

Craig Revel Horwood is an Australian-Brit who is most well known as a judge on the popular BBC competition show Strictly Come Dancing. His 2013 memoir Tales from the Dance Floor is a funny behind the scenes look at his life in front of the camera. This autobiography follows his time on the show as well as Strictly Come Dancing associated tours and cruises with fellow show stars. It is an honest, revealing, and hilarious follow-up to his fist memoir released in 2008.For fans of this read, you can also check out the Craig Revel Horwood Twitter account for more laughs and behind the scenes moments.

I Am Ozzy

As you might have guessed from the title, I Am Ozzy is the much-acclaimed memoir of British heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne. This book, which debuted at number two on the New York Time’s bestseller list and won the Literary Achievement Award at the 2010 Guys Choice Awards, chronicles Osbourne’s life from childhood through his years of substance abuse, fame, and fortune. Told in delicious detail, I Am Ozzy both dispels and confirms rumors about his life for a shockingly delightful read.

Bedsit Disco Queen: How I Grew Up and Tried to Be a Pop Star

Bedsit Disco Queen: How I Grew Up and Tried to Be a Pop Star is the memoir of English singer and songwriter Tracey Thorn. With over 30 years in the music industry, Thorn writes about her life from the time she bought her first electric guitar through all of her mega hits and megaflops. She has seen both success and failure and shares it all in this frank, no-holds-barred autobiography, which is sure to both move and amuse.

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