5 Creative Building Projects for Your Backyard

Once you’ve been settled in your own Sweet Southern Home for a while, the conversation on remodeling will probably present itself. Of course, whatever changes you make to the house, you’ll want to keep it as cheap as you can, but you can also take on building projects to freshen up your property that make less drastic changes. That, of course, would be projects for the backyard. It’s a space separate from the actual home so there’s no need to knock down any walls, but you’ll still get the satisfaction of building on and changing the place you call home.

Fire Pit

Everyone loves sitting around fires. It’s a classic camping activity that many bring to their backyard. It’s a social place and something everyone can be entertained and kept warm by. While many homeowners will just stick a metal fire pit in the backyard, if you want to turn heads, you can go the full nine years and build one into the land.

This is a good project because there’s a lot of ways you can take it. You could just make a circle of bricks sticking out of a hole in the ground, or you could get way more creative. Either way, as long as you’ve sealed it off from being catch fire to anything around it, then the hard work is done, making this one of the easier projects, while also being very creative.


Horseshoe Pit

For every backyard gathering, there’s always a great outdoor game. Horseshoes can be fun for anyone no matter how old you are so this is a great feature of any backyard. There’s a few different approaches, but whatever you decide it’ll be fun for everyone.

Most people just go with the simple two stakes in the ground, but this outdoor game building guide will show you the ropes to making one that takes the game to a new level. The backboards make finding the horseshoes easier and the whole setup is very pleasing to the eye. There’s plenty of other ideas for game areas you can build in that guide too, so you don’t have to stop at horseshoes.


If you have horses, or plan on owning them, then you want a barn. But, even if you have no interest in them, a barn is a great addition to a backyard that provides a ton of space and a great work area in general. Think of it as your huge shed, a barn is gives you a great amount of covered space to store whatever you want, and everyone can use some more storage.

You can take the traditional route and build a wooden barn. You could also go for the more durable route and build a horse barn. Building a barn in general is a huge task to take on, but luckily if you’re trying to build a metal barn you can get some help in that process. Elephant Structures is a company that will give you everything you need to build a metal barn. They’ll work with you to get all the features you want, and create a solid blueprint for it. They work with solid materials, and if you want they’ll install it for you, but since this is about building projects, they’ve got custom kits that can be delivered right to your home.


If you’ve got kids, then treehouses are great gifts for them. It gives them a place space and a sense of adventure. It’s also a great aesthetic feature to have a suspended structure like that. While everyone is socializing during your backyard gatherings, it would hard for that not to be a talking point.

This is also a great collaborative project, because not everyone can get up in a tree and start building a little house by themselves. Get a crew together, make your blueprint, and have a blast on this project.

A Deck

For number 5, it’s a pretty classic no-brainer. Building a deck gives a very level sitting area for any outdoor furniture you want. You can put stick the grill on there, table and chairs, whatever you want, it’s basically another open-air room.

This is great for any house that has the space because it sections off your backyard, making it a more complex space. That’s especially great for entertaining because you’ve got many areas that people can wander through that are all used for different purposes. It turns your backyard into the hot spot for the neighborhood parties automatically.

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