Last Minute Gifts are a Breeze with Mary Kay

So Christmas will be here in FOUR short days.  If you haven’t finished shopping, you might be wondering if it’s worth it to fight the crowds, to have to drag your kids around the mall, or to take the chance with sometimes unreliable overnight shipping.

Today I would like to let you in on a gift shopping idea you might not be familiar with.  And chances are, you can shop right in your neighborhood.  Do you have a Mary Kay lady?

Here in central Louisiana, my friend Jennifer Dupont is a Mary Kay consultant, and she has opened my eyes to the new direction this company is taking!  Instead of tired old pink lipsticks and basic skin products, you should now think of Mary Kay as a hub for all your premium makeup and advanced skin care needs.  Parties are jovial and have a spa-like vibe.  Who doesn’t want a mini facial while hanging out with their friends?

In addition to such on trend items as charcoal masks, your consultant has tons of ideas for gifts and even pre-made bundles that will make your gift giving beyond easy.



The cool thing about giving Mary Kay for the holidays is that most of the time, you don’t have to wait.  Many consultants keep a large stock on hand and can deliver your purchase within a day or so.  

And if you’re absolutely at a loss for what to give, you can always get a gift certificate!  Mary Kay has a ton of items for $25 or under, so your gift certificate will go a long way.

If you don’t need to give a gift, but just want to freshen up your own look, your consultant can help you with that too.  Mary Kay has everything from brow gel to lip gloss to liquid and powder foundations, and your consultant would love to help you find the shade that’s perfect for you.

No matter what you need for your beauty and skin care needs, there’s a chance that Mary Kay has a product that can help you!  And there are also lines for the guys, body and skin care.

If you don’t have a consultant of your own, I would love to recommend Jennifer!  Although she might not be near to you, she can ship items.  Jennifer is friendly and loves to meet new people.  For all of your Mary Kay needs, check her out here.

**DISCLAIMER: I do not sell Mary Kay nor was I paid for this post! I am helping out my friend and I have found that Mary Kay makeup works for me!

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