Why Study the Humanities?

In a world that is ruled by technology at every step, one might question why should anyone study the humanities anymore? Well, the answer is more complex than one might imagine, but we will try to explain the reasons as to why humanities is still a very much valid stream, with the help of the following points.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the first step, which is followed by analysis, and both of them are nurtured when you study humanities. Through the study of history, literature, philosophy, art, music and other divisions of the liberal arts, one learns to criticize, analyze and question; all of which are essential skills for a successful career and to grow as human beings.

Communication Skills

If you decide to join an online MALS program, you will need to be able to write a lot of papers. As you study, understand, analyze and critique various masterfully created pieces in your own subject, excellent communication skills develop automatically. You will also be required to communicate your views and understandings to others, which further hones communication skills.

The Bigger Picture

While studying for your liberal studies degree, you will develop an interdisciplinary global perspective, which will give you a top-down, helicopter-view of how all subjects are interconnected.

Personality Development

Nothing helps one develop their own unique personality than to be influenced by the great, creative minds and their works. As you come across viewpoints about various matters that oppose you own or reinforces it, you develop as a person. Besides, you will be introduced to whole new schools of thought, some of which you might have had no idea of previously.

Understanding Culture

An online master in liberal studies will help you understand culture better, and that includes both your own and that of the others. Aside from the general value, this also becomes particularly helpful if you want to join a career which involves working with diverse cultures and societies.


It doesn’t matter which branch you are studying, there is absolutely no shortage of inspiring personalities in history. As you study their backgrounds, their philosophy, the work they did and more, you will almost certainly find inspiration when you need it the most. The likes of Plato and Aristotle have inspired generations for thousands of years and will continue to do so well into the foreseeable future.


In spite of what a lot of people might be telling you, know that if you complete your online MALS degree from a reputed educational institution such as Rutgers Online, there are plenty of career opportunities that do open up. Primary areas include social services, the government, health and welfare, criminal justice, journalism, anchoring, editing, politics, lobbyist, assistantship, copywriting, grant writing, advertising, management personnel, recruiting and many more.

As you can see, studying liberal arts does not only open your career up to various opportunities, but it also helps you to develop as a human being. Even if you want to study something more professional on the side and further strengthen your resume, thanks to the flexibility of online courses, you can choose to do that as well.

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