What to Do with Your Military History Degree – The Most Intriguing Jobs Out There

There are so many different degree options available to students nowadays, but few are as interesting as a military history degree. This particular degree may not be as popular as some of the others out there, but once you possess that master of arts in military history you are able to open some rather incredible career paths, some of which you may not have even thought of. So, what are the most interesting jobs you can pursue with a MMH degree from a prestigious school such as Norwich University? Let’s take a closer look.

Military History Professor

If you’ve ever had dreams of becoming a teacher yourself, then that military history degree could just be the way to go about it. With this degree, you can pursue a career as a military history professor, allowing you to share all your knowledge and passion for the subject with your students. These professors can be found in universities and colleges. Chances are you’ll be teaching a variety of history courses and it may not just be military-related. This can prove to be more rewarding for you though, as you get to dig even deeper into history.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that historians make $55,110 per year, but you can make more or less depending on where you work.

Military Analyst

Another way you can put that military history degree to good use is to pursue a career as a military analyst through the CIA. In this job, you’ll be responsible for doing a vast amount of research and then brief various policymakers on what you find. You could be investigating resources from other governments, weapon systems, analyzing civilian relations, war prevention, and military treaties and issues. At any given time you could be working on a number of high-priority investigations at once, and sometimes that may also require traveling on your part.

Military History Unit Member

Another path is to work for the military itself as a military history unit member. This can be the perfect fit for all the information you have learned. If you take this route, you will serve in a unit that is called a military history detachment. You will serve in a large division and an excellent example of this is the infantry. You may be working in the field conducting interviews in order to get first-hand accounts of various combat situations, and you’ll be recording data about military actions as they are played out.

You will also be responsible for collecting photos, documents, and other hard data that may pertain to a combat or maneuver.

A Variety of Intriguing Paths to Take

Your military history degree can lead to all kinds of intriguing career paths that can direct you to a very rewarding job. While this degree may not be the first one that pops to mind, it is well worth considering for anyone with a love, appreciation, and passion for history and military operations.

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