Little Ways to Pamper Yourself as a Mom


Whether it’s been a long day, week, or month, you simply have to find your own time to kick back and relax. Moms are all too familiar with the many stresses of daily life; therefore, you have to find a way to enjoy yourself every once in a while. Kick back, take a night for yourself, and forget about the kids, work, and hubby for a few hours.

A Warm Bath

There’s nothing a warm bath can’t resolve. Bubbles, exfoliating skin products, luxurious body washes, and candles will help you forget about the stressful day you had. And, if you need time away from the kids, simply slip in your wireless headphones and you can block out the clatter in the comfort of your own home. One great accessory which you can purchase for your bath is a bath pillow. If you are interested in purchasing one of these, check out for a list of the top bath pillows.

Unplug for a While

Whether you realize it or not, constantly being on your phone and checking social media can add subtle and unwanted anxiety to your life.  Consider turning off your phone and locking yourself away from your electronic devices for a while.  Read an actual magazine, go outside for a walk without music, or try an artistic endeavor such as coloring or drawing.

Curl up with a Movie

Consider a chick-flick you love. You know those films your spouse simply won’t sit down and watch with you? Well, this is your time and opportunity to enjoy what you love. Make a bag of popcorn, grab a tub of ice-cream, and make your own movie night for one (not two).

Spa Day Dreams

Whether you do your own spa day at home, or go out to a local spa with girlfriends, take an afternoon (or the entire evening) for yourself. Get your nails done, makeup done, and have someone else worry about doing the work. Enjoy yourself, and forget about everything that’s sitting in your “to-do” pile.

There are so many things which cause daily stress. From work, to finances, to a fight with your spouse, or your kids’ grades at school. When you need some time for yourself, these are a few simple ways to destress, relax, and unwind when you crave much needed R&R.


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