5 Things Older Citizens Should Do to Protect Their Homes

While grandparents can play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren, there is also a need for parents (yes, that is you) to make sure that nana and papa are well protected as they grow into their old age.  This is important as there are many ways that the elderly can fall prey to those with ill intentions in their heart.  As such, it falls on the entire family to find ways to help protect nana and papa and their home and this article will outline five ways in which to do so.


Preventing Home Invasion

One reason the elderly who live alone are deemed to be easy prey by robbers is that they tend to go to bed early.  This means that robbers can hit several houses in one night.  However, there are several precautions which can be taken to prevent bad people from getting into the house.

For starters, they can make sure that all doors and windows are locked when they are home.  This is important as many times robbers will try to enter the homes when someone is in the house as they believe it is easier.  In addition, if they have an alarm then they should use this always – including any panic button which they should keep with them.

Regarding all doors and door frames, they should not only be wooden but should be reinforced by steel or another metal and any windows should be shatter-proof.  Doing so will help to make it harder for any unwanted visitors to enter the home.

When it comes to someone knocking at the door there are two things to keep in mind.  First, always ask the person to identify themselves.  Another tip is to install a security camera and lights at all entrances.  This will help record who comes to the house in case something is amiss.

Remember the saying ‘good fences make good neighbors’?  The same is true when it comes to preventing home invasion.  If your parents live in a home with a gate, they should always keep it locked – better yet is to set it up with a camera and a remote as this will allow them greater control on who can access the property.


Spare Keys

When it comes to keys, it is important to remember is to never keep a spare key under the doormat.  Instead, it is wise to give family members a key to the home and if needed the homeowners can install a touchpad or some other combination lock to help them access the home in case they have misplaced their key.

This is important as many robbers take for granted that an extra key will be kept under a doormat or in a flower pot, or on a ledge.  You see robbers like homes that allow for easy entry and nothing could be easier than leaving a key next to the front door.


Back Up Energy

While we are fortunate to live in a country with a stable power supply there are times when the lights do go out.  Maybe it is from a big storm or it could just be that the system is overloaded – remember the blackout of 2003.

As such, having a backup power system installed in the home could come in as useful when the lights go out.  Not only will this make sure that the grandparents have energy but it will help them to remain comfortable while they wait for a family member to come and get them.  Lastly, a backup power system will make sure that any medical devices are operational while power lines are down.


It’s Not Just Break-ins You Need to Worry About

Unfortunately, many of the bad people preying on the elderly do not sneak around in the night.  Many are smartly dressed and seek to steal from grandparents in other ways – such as providing false or misleading financial advice.

This is a major problem as it leaves older Americans vulnerable to those who tap in the hard worked for value they have in their homes.  For example, there are many in the reverse mortgage market who are looking for shortcuts.  This is a shame as these products have been on the market since the 1960’s and many are even guaranteed by the government.

This means that they are safe products but just to be safe you should check out this reverse mortgage calculator at https://reverse.mortgage/calculator to make sure your parents are getting a good deal.  Doing so will help to protect their homes for the long run.


Home is Where the Heart is

Maybe as Americans, we have forgotten what life in an extended family is like.  But the reality is that having a large and involved family around is a safety blanket for everyone involved.  Not only does it help to share the work of having a family but it also makes sure that everyone is looking out for each other.

As such, home really is where the heart is and by promoting a place of safety, warmth, and love you are not only helping nana and papa but you are helping all generations to foster relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.


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