Tips for Amping up Your Eyes


You know that the eyes are the first thing you notice about most people, and they are most likely the first thing that people notice about you. Even if you go for a low-key look, there are still some ways you can amp up your eye makeup to draw attention to your face and to feel more confident in how you look. Check out these ways to use makeup and other beauty items to make your eyes appear larger and more beautiful than ever.

Just like an artist’s canvas, you must prepare your eyes for makeup if you expect it to last all day without running. While applying primer may initially seem like a waste of time to you, you will quickly see that it sets up your skin to receive eyeshadow. Primer for your eyelids protects makeup from running even when your eyes get wet or sweaty. Also, be sure to use concealer under your eyes on any dark spots. Pat in the concealer for a natural look.

Highlighter can open up your eyes and make you appear more awake. Use a light-colored or lightly glittering eyeshadow at the inner corner of each eye. To highlight your brow bone, you can use either a light eyeshadow or a highlighting cream.

Eyeliner is what can really make your eyes pop. For an everyday look, be sure to apply a thin line of eyeliner above your upper lashes. Use either a liquid eyeliner for a bold look or a dark eyeshadow applied with a slanted brush for a more natural look. A smudge of eyeliner on your lower lash line can amp up your look for a special event.

Instead of choosing only one eyeshadow color, increase visual interest in your eyes with a multi-toned eyeshadow. Choose two or three complementary colors, or purchase a pre-mixed palette that does all of the matching work for you.

Finally, remember your gorgeous eyelashes. Be sure to curl them carefully to make them appear longer and curvier. Consider using eyelash extensions, such as those from Sugarlash Pro, for weeks of natural beauty. Finish by applying two coats of mascara on your upper and lower lashes.

Remember that one of the secrets to beautiful eye makeup that looks good all day is choosing high quality makeup brands. While you may be tempted to save money on your beauty products, you will actually find that quality products last longer and make you feel more beautiful. When you follow each of these tricks, your makeup will amp up the look of your eyes and give you a bold, beautiful look all day long.

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