What to Do with Grandma’s Old Ring

It’s a very special moment when a ring gets passed from one generation to the next. It might have come your way because you’re standing on the verge of getting married, or it might have passed your way through a will or estate: No matter how it came to you, there are always a few ways to breathe new life into vintage, antique or valued pieces of art. Here are some practical ideas for what to do with grandma’s old ring.

Do Your Research

Step one is to start by doing your research on the piece so that you know exactly what you have. This includes asking family members if they know the story or origin of the ring; you will also want to take a look at any serial numbers imprinted on the ring, which will tell you more about its contents – and possibly its manufacture. With this, also note its condition and – we’d highly recommend it – have it professionally looked over and graded by an expert.

A Professional Cleaning

Breathing new life into an old piece of jewelry can be as easy as a professional, good cleaning session. Now, it’s very important that you use the right cleaner for your type of jewelry, and for this we’d recommend that you visit a jewelry store and tell them exactly what it is that you want to clean. (There are many horror stories of people who cleaned a valuable piece and did more harm than good.) Read the product’s instructions carefully before you apply it to anything valuable!

 Resizing and Redoing

If you plan on wearing the ring again, it’s also worth putting some thought into getting the ring resized for your hands. Take it to an expert jeweler and they will be more than happy to resize a piece according to your requirements. If you want any changes brought to the piece, like something added or taken away, now is the time to do it. Make sure that you choose a store with a reliable reputation to work on your piece.

Wear It!

If you don’t want to go to the trouble to have the ring re-sized, you could always wear the ring on a chain instead: Ornate or simple gold or silver chains are usually easy to find and can compliment a ring perfectly.

New Life

New life can also be brought to a piece of jewelry by having it turned into an entirely new piece. Yes, most jewelry makers are happy to do this. You can have the piece melted on-to another piece, or melted down and turned into something new. Technically, it’s still the same piece – just with some new and exciting flair.

Have it Insured

Always remember to take special care with a valuable piece: Have it insured, either as a separate piece or as part of your existing household insurance. In the case of robbery, loss or natural disaster – and it happens! – you’ll really wish you had.

Sell It and Invest

Let’s face it: There are times when life hits an unexpected turn and you need some money. Or, you might just decide that you could use the money towards something for the future. Then, consider selling the piece and investing the money. If you want to sell the piece, do so through reputable dealers, and make sure that you have your paperwork in order; take detailed pictures and know exactly what you’re selling.


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