How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Many parents worry about their kids being online all the time. However, it is a normal part of growing up in the modern world and children today are exposed to technology and the online space from a very young age. Rather than trying in vain to prevent this, it is much better to teach your kids how to be safe online and to make sure that you as a parent understand the most important principles of cybersecurity.

Just as with the real world, it is easy for kids to stray into danger online if they are unprepared for what lies ahead. There is plenty that is educational and wholesome on the internet, but there is also much that you wouldn’t want your children to see. Don’t worry, by following a few simple rules, and ensuring that you and your children understand all the risks of being online, everything will be fine.

Get Involved

No parent wants to be overbearing. We all only want what is best for our children, however, and that means that you need to get involved in their online lives. You would want to know where your children are hanging out in the real world, so make sure that you know what they are doing in the online space as well.

If you yourself aren’t sure of your cybersecurity and internet safety knowledge, this guide from Secure Data is an excellent starting point for preparing yourself with the knowledge that you’ll most want to pass on to your kids.

Set Rules for Your Household

It is up to you as a parent to decide what you consider to be an appropriate amount of time for your children to spend on the internet. There is no right or wrong answer here, different parents will have different opinions. You should try to strike a balance between giving your children the freedom to use the internet for its positive benefits, such as education and productivity, while also ensuring that their communications with other people remain appropriate.

As well as setting rules for the kind of sites that your kids are allowed to visit, you might also want to set particular times of day aside as internet browsing time. The more rigorously you enforce the rules that you set, the more your kids will respect them.

Teach Them the Importance of Privacy

For those of us who have used the internet from the beginning, we grew up with an internet where everyone remained anonymous. These days, we are all regularly being asked to hand over personal data and information to third parties and entrust them with the security of that data.

A number of high profile hacks over the last decade or two have demonstrated just how vulnerable online data can be to theft.

Keeping your children safe is every parents’ first priority. When it comes to formulating an approach to their online safety, try to consider how you approach their safety in the real world and apply the same logic. You will naturally want to know who they are talking to and who they are hanging out with.

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