Choosing Therapy–The First Step on the Journey to a Better You

As a human being, it’s natural to have periods of ups and downs in our lives.  But sometimes, the low periods don’t seem to want to go away for a long time.  We may try to tell ourselves to snap out of it, or to push aside the issues, and claim that we don’t need help.  But, for a large number of people, help is something they need.  And more and more people are choosing to find someone they can confide in–a therapist.

Admitting to yourself that you can’t take on all your problems alone is the most important thing you have to do to start this process; but making sure you find the right type of therapy and a person you can really mesh with is also critical.  With today’s various methods, you have more choices than ever to find exactly what fits your particular therapy needs and personality.


Traditional One on One Therapy

I believe when most people think of therapy, this is what they picture–sitting or laying on a couch while talking about their emotions and experiences to a person who’s listening intently, taking notes, and asking questions about your feelings.  In many cases, yes, this can be true.  But the person who’s giving you help can come in many forms.  There are doctors, either psychologists or psychiatrists who can prescribe you medication if it’s determined that you are in need of it.  There are also less formal settings where you can speak to a licensed counselor.  Some places can even offer peer support, by having someone who’s gone through experiences similar to yours talk to you about how they are overcoming things.

Group Therapy

This is another stereotype that I think people imagine: a bunch of folks sitting around in a circle, introducing themselves to one another, and exchanging conversations about what they’re dealing with.  Group therapy is sometimes a better option for those who might have trouble opening up in a one on one space–sometimes hearing another person talk about a situation like yours will help you feel you’re not alone.

Online Therapy

Just like nearly every other thing in the world, you can now get your therapy online too.  Online therapy can be found on several different websites and is often the best choice for those who live in a more rural area.  Those giving help on these sites range from doctors, to marriage therapists, to social workers and more.  You are sure to find someone who can help you with almost any problem.  Often, these online sessions are cheaper than in person sessions as well–a plus if you do not have insurance coverage for mental health issues.

Unconventional Therapies

If you don’t think speaking out your feelings will help, there are other ways to confront them too.  Art therapy is often a perfect alternative for children or those who live on the more creative side of life.  Animal therapy, such as riding horses, can be good for those who don’t easily trust people, because animals are often more intuitive than we know.  Music therapy is a powerful tool for some and can evoke feelings or memories long thought lost.


I’ve mentioned just a few types here, but I hope it’s enough to get you started on your journey to mental and emotional well-being.  Seeking therapy is not the stigma it once was, and you should be proud that you value yourself enough to recognize that you need help.

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