Thinking About Marriage Counseling?

As a rule, I don’t generally like to give out relationship advice.  There are too many aspects to consider when it comes to the intricacies of relationships between couples, and what works for me and my marriage may not work for yours.  But, if you have been thinking that it’s time to talk to a neutral party about what’s happening between you and your spouse, here is some information for you to consider before taking that next step.

Counseling Isn’t Always Negative

The general consensus around marriage counseling is that you should only go if you and your spouse are having serious problems that you cannot work through, or that you are on the verge of a divorce.  At least, this is how couples in counseling are usually portrayed on movies and television.

But, sometimes it’s a good idea to think about finding someone to talk to before you get that far into an issue.  Sometimes newly married couples seek counseling because they might want guidelines on how to solve problems that arise during the course of their marriage.  Or one spouse might have something they want to address with the other, but are not sure how to go about it.  In these cases and others, a counselor can help open up communication between you.

There Are Several Options

You should know that there are more options now for marriage counseling than just sitting in a room and talking about your problems.  Online therapy is becoming more and more popular, and can be an excellent option for those who can’t find an office nearby, or those who need a more flexible schedule.  If you have a trusted friend you can both confide in whom you think will be impartial, that is another option.  Many pastors of churches will also offer counseling if you ask.

If you’re worried about cost, some insurances do cover counseling, so be sure to look into your benefits to know what exactly you might have to pay. Online therapy is affordable, and you can often purchase packages of sessions to help lower the price.  If you are intent on helping your marriage through a difficult period, you should weigh the costs of therapy against the cost of not getting any help–and that might be a price you don’t want to pay.

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