Types of Dresses to Consider for Your Wedding

If you were expecting to read another guide about what type of wedding dress is best for your body, I will tell you now that this is not the article for you! Instead, this post will tell you rather, WHO in your wedding party will need dresses, and what to consider when deciding what kind of dress you choose for each person.


So, yes, if you are here as a prospective bride, you most likely know that your bridesmaids will need dresses.  The styles you will end up with largely depend on two things: the overall look you want to achieve for your wedding, and whether or not you want to give your bridesmaids freedom to choose their dress.  Chances are there will be some people who don’t love your choice of dress if you only present them with one option, so think about that.  Although dresses might be uniform in style and color, they will not look the same on every body.

Flower Girls/Junior Bridesmaids

Many brides like to have their junior bridesmaids and flower girls look like miniature versions of themselves, and I can see the appeal of that.  It would make for very adorable pictures! But junior bridesmaid and flower girl dresses can have small variations to make them fit the theme of the wedding but make the girls look unique.  Making sure the young girls in your wedding look good doesn’t have to be expensive, either! There are tons of places online to get cheap flower girl dresses online.

Mother of the Bride/Groom

Although these are not the dresses a lot of brides will first think about, it’s important to have these ladies looking good too, as they will also be making a trip down the aisle! If you’d like your mom’s or future mother in law’s look to coincide with the rest of those wearing dresses, make sure you confer with them to let them know your thoughts.  They might not always listen, but hey, at least you have made yourself known!

No matter what the people in your wedding end up wearing, you are sure to have a great time. I have yet to see a bad wedding photo when all the people in it are smiling and happy!

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