4 Realistic Fashion Tips for 2019

The fashion industry was all over the place in the last few months. If the fashion world reflects the state of the world, then perhaps it was appropriate that chaos was the prevailing theme of the Spring/Summer 2019 collections. Looking at the shows in New York, London, and Paris, there was very little consistency, and that makes it much easier for those without the budget for Armani or Chanel wardrobe additions. Being able to mix and match the most common sights on this year’s catwalks might be easier than you think. Here are the most realistic fashion trends that are expected to be a big hit this year, and your bank balance doesn’t have to panic.


1.    The Return of Tie-Dye

If there was one real surprise this year, it was the fact that so many designers did something with tie-dyed clothes and accessories. If you thought that the tie-dyed t-shirt was dead, then Prada, Eckhaus, and McCartney blew that theory out of the water. For those on a budget, this is great news, and you’ll be able to either buy your own tie-dyed clothing or go traditional and make your own.


2.    Get Tooled Up

The need for pockets in women’s clothes has still not become obvious, so instead, we’ve got toolbelts this year. That’s actually a lot cooler than it sounds. In fact, tool belts are the natural evolution of the fanny pack, and they’re a lot more useful too, with Karl Lagerfeld certainly leading the charge when it comes to practicality. Tool belts are just a functional belt that has lots of storage space, so even if your summer dress is pocketless, your tool belt won’t be.


3.    Color Shocks

If you thought that 2018 was colorful in the fashion world, get ready for 2019. The spring and summer collections on show this year have been some of the most colorful on display since the 90s, and from shocking pinks to eye-watering yellows, it’s all about color in 2019. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to adopt this top fashion tip for the year. Buy your blouses and favorite plus size skirts for maximum elegance and simply add your wild dashes of color where needed. Accessorizing is the key, and you could be making an impact through your color choices very easily.


4.    Bigger is Better

When it comes to handbags, it can be difficult to keep up with the newer trends, but this year might be easier than ever. The most consistent handbag trend on the catwalks this year all had the same thing in common: big is definitely the new small. Where last years saw tiny handbags being the major trend, this year has gone completely the other way. Now, oversized handbags are the more popular option, and some of the bags on show were big enough to keep a second-grader in. If you’re looking for a practical accessory this year, oversized handbags could be the key to a better choice.


The best thing about the 2019 fashion collections was that they were so accessible. There’s always a little wiggle room when it comes to transferring from the catwalk to the high street, but the emerging trends for 2019 look easier than ever to achieve.

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