Do You Need a New TV? These Signs Will Tell You

Is it time to upgrade your old TV? We are witnessing the expansion of flatscreen TVs and the bunch of features added to them just to make the product more competitive on the market. 3D, apps for streaming and integrated web browsers, voice powered remote controls – these are just some of the features companies add to their TVs to attract customers. 

However, lately the main bait is HDR and 4k resolution. Well, these are features that will definitely leave you speechless. 

It’s OK to choose 1080p or full-HD today

In case you have been buying a TV in the last few years you already know what the terms Full-HD and 1080p mean. We have already mention the HDR and 4K resolution, but you won’t make a mistake if you choose a full-HD TV for example

In most cases the resolution of some streaming apps like Netflix, or video consoles like Xbox One are made for 1080p resolution and you will be extremely satisfied to watch the content at the resolution it was meant to be watched in. 

Gaming info and tips are unreadable

It is also time to replace your old TV with a modern one if you can’t read the important notifications while you are playing your favorite video game. 

Upgrading your TV to a new one will drastically improve your gaming experience. You will be much more aware of the gaming details and you can be sure your eyes are more protected than they were before! Additionally if you connect your TV with your speakers like some of the ones described here, you can truly enjoy all the video gaming aspects just the way they were designed to be experienced. 

You are still using your old CRT TV

If you are still using an old CRT TV it I needless to say that it’s time to replace it. Of course, if you love watching VHS tapes, or if you are into retro video gaming then it’s OK to use these.

However, if you aren’t interested in them then it’s time for an upgrade. Any LED TV will be a better option than the one you are currently using. This will also make it easy to enjoy some of the modern media, streaming videos and music, watching DVDs or Blu-ray videos and so on.

The TV Has Become Slow and Unresponsive

Another reason to upgrade your TV is when it becomes too slow and unresponsive. It may happen because the manufacturer stopped updating the apps and firmware or the internal memory is full. Replacing this TV will improve your smart TV experience, improve the picture quality to one of the latest standards. This especially applies if you are replacing your 1080p TV with a bigger 4K/HDR TV. The difference will be incredible. 

You need to connect your laptop to enjoy streaming media

If you are still connecting your laptop to your TV to watch Netflix, a movie or some streaming media, it’s time to upgrade your TV. Almost every TV you buy today will have preinstalled applications like Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO and similar. You simply connect the TV to your home network and you can have everything at a press of a button.

If you are aware of any of the signs described above, then it’s really the time to replace your old TV with a new one. You don’t have to go with the most expensive and the biggest at the moment. It greatly depends on your budget and your particular needs. Also take care of the available space, and most importantly don’t hurry with the purchase. There are many different brands and models and there is a great TV for everyone. Just do your homework first – read some reviews first and see what people on forums speak about specific models. After you do that, you can be sure you have purchased the right TV for you.

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