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Give Your Christmas Tree New Life

As the holidays approach and plans are made for parties, visiting family, and festive meals, the centerpiece and seemingly the beginning of the season is the Christmas tree. Once the location for the tree has been determined, all of the other decorations can be mapped out. The theme for the tree sets the tone for the rest of the house, so it’s important to plan ahead and set the stage for the entire holiday season. In all the planning, however, have a little fun and think about shaking things up a little bit by stepping away from what you do every year. Determine what colors you want to use, what the theme will be, and what types of decorations you want for your Christmas focal point while kicking the holidays up a notch.

Silver & Gold

First, pick your tree. Will you go fresh or artificial? Before you make your decision, check out companies like Balsam Hill for a beautiful tree that doesn’t require water or cleanup. Once you have your tree, think lights! While multicolored lights seem to be the go-to when deciding on a color scheme for the tree, remember that these can actually become your starting point for your tree pallet. Instead of going with what you have always used, think outside the box.

If your holiday colors will be warm this year with gold tones and red accents, then consider using creamy whites or auburn lights. You could even go with red lights, but be careful because they can create a darker tone against the deep green of your tree. If your colors are going to match the weather outside and lend a cool, crisp effect, use blue and bright white light patterns. Use silver and blue ornaments with some white doves for the cold effect. Purples also add to the feel and give the tree another layer of interest.

Cookie Cutters & Desserts

Once you get the feel from your color selection, decide on your theme. Don’t feel like you have to drag out the same ornaments you have used for years. Granted, many families have traditions and special ornaments that they look forward to each year. Not to take away from these time-honored memories, but sometimes it’s fun to do something different. Consider collecting every possible cookie cutter you can find, either at a thrift or craft store, and filling your tree with a whole eclectic assortment. Or look for ornaments made to look like cupcakes or other small dessert treats. Imagine a beautiful tree bursting with delicious color.

Every year could have a different theme and each person in the family could take turns choosing. Then, suddenly, you have a new tradition!

Homemade & Store-Bought

Even if you have the colors and your out-of-the-box theme, it doesn’t mean you can’t go homemade, or top of the line. Many beautiful ornaments and traditions for that matter have been born from crafting them together around the table. Salt or cinnamon salt dough ornaments, tiny framed family pictures, and unique, painted glass ornaments can bring hours of joy together in the process and years of fond memories to come. Have plenty of crafting items on hand for impromptu ornament-making nights.

If you choose to take it up-town and buy some exquisite items to adorn your tree in top-to-stump beauty, take the time to find lovely matches and give your tree a facelift with a fresh look of color and sparkle. Remember whichever ornaments you choose, pick the perfect tree to put them on. Be sure to check out Balsam Hill reviews when deciding on your tree.

Christmas is all about tradition. However, within that world of tradition, celebrate new and vibrant additions to your family celebrations. Give your focal point some new inspiration and create a wonderful Christmas tree filled with charm and new life.

6 Ways to Keep a Clean House When You Have Kids

Kids. They can be a blessing and a total pain in the butt. While they’re cute and cuddly and everything in between, every parent knows they can wreak complete havoc on your house. What was once an organized and decorated space is now a mountain of crumbs, toys, and everything else that kids touch throughout the day. For some people, living in this chaos is normal. For others, though, this chaos makes your anxiety rise, and it’s important for you to get your house more welcoming. Check out these six ways to keep a clean house when you have kids.

1. Hire professionals.
Taking care of your kids is a full-time job, and whether you stay home to care for your kids or you’re a working parent, your job is tough. Because of this, it may be difficult to clean up after the kids and create a home you’re proud to show off. Instead of adding clean-up to your long list of things to do, it’s important for you to instead consider hiring professionals. According to a maid service in Littleton, CO, “Professional cleaning services are more affordable than people think, and cleaning service companies create a schedule that works for your specific home and your specific needs.” Maybe this means you have them come in once a week or once a month. Either way, it’s worth it.

2. Keep toys contained.
Children want to do everything all the time wherever they feel like it, but if you want to keep a clean house, you need to create a space for your child to play. For instance, you may keep your child and his/her toys limited to their bedroom, or maybe you have a playroom or one other room in the house where they can bring items to play. By keeping their toys contained to one area, you’ll have less space to clean when it’s time for bed. In addition, it will allow you to keep the rest of your house clean and only worry about that one room when it’s time to host friends or have play dates.

3. Be an expert organizer.
When it comes to buying furniture for your home, make sure they are versatile pieces. For instance, look for coffee tables that have hidden storage or bookshelves where you can add baskets. This versatile storage allows you to have places to hide your child’s toys and then create more of a comfortable adult space in rooms like the kitchen or living room. This way, your home will be neat and tidy the way you like it without having to sacrifice your child’s play area or get rid of their toys.

4. Clean up right away.
The day can get away from you, but cleaning up right away is one of the best methods for keeping a clean house. For instance, when your child is done with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks, put the dishes in the sink/dishwasher and wipe down the table/counter. This will take you a whole two minutes to accomplish and it will make your home look much cleaner and create less extra work for you to do.

5. Get a small vacuum.
Whether you call it a handheld vacuum or a dust buster, these will be the saving grace to keeping your house clean. You know your child always manages to get the smallest crumbs, pieces of paper, or other messy items throughout the house, but who wants to break out the big clunky vacuum to clean a small mess? Instead, having a handheld vacuum will make it much easier for you to create a clean environment. Plus, your child may even want to use the smaller vacuum, which means they can clean up after themselves and make it much easier on you.

6. Create order.
While you may just want your child to play, sometimes having order to playtime can make your home not turn into a battlefield. For instance, teach your child that if they want to play with something, they have to put something else back first. This will ensure you don’t have 1,000 toys on your floor at once. In addition, maybe schedule some quiet time for your child during the day where they have to read or color, which creates less of a mess. Finally, be sure to teach your child to clean up after themselves at an early age, as this will make it less trying as they get older.

You can have a clean home even with littles running around—you just need to use these tips.

8 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional House Painters

You need to paint your house. But do you need to do it yourself? You might be tempted to tackle the project on your own to save money.

Here’s the problem. What you save in cash, you tend to pay for in stress. Re-painting your living room is a lot different than working on an easel. A professional crew will be able to get the job done a lot quicker than you can.
Keep reading to find out more reasons why you should hire professional house painters.

1. You’ll Achieve Better Results

Let’s face it- house painting is a lot harder than it looks. Houses are filled with hard to reach nooks and crannies. Picking up a paintbrush is easy; applying the paint correctly is more difficult.

Professional paint jobs tend to look a lot better than what most people can do for themselves. No more accidental paint sloshes on the couch, no more sloppy corners. Your house will be beautifully taken care of.

Whether you plan to sell it one day or if it’s the house that you want to live in for the rest of your life, you want your home to look amazing. Pro painters can help you achieve your dream.

2. You’ll be Less Stressed

Painting your house can be a high-stress job if it’s not handled correctly. If you’re doing it yourself, you have to worry about getting the right supplies, moving furniture, etc. A professional team will drastically reduce the number of hassles that you have to deal with.

Remember, time = money. You may save a few dollars upfront by doing the work yourself, but when you factor in the amount of time you have to devote to the project you may find that you actually LOST money by not hiring a professional crew.

3. Cleanup is a Breeze

Did you know that paint is considered hazardous? You can’t simply toss unused paint into the dumpster. Pro painters will take care of the disposal, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. For some people, the cleanup process is more frustrating than the painting.

4. You’ll Be Exposed to New Colors and Patterns

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t love the way your home looks. A fresh paint job can bring out features that you never noticed. It’s your chance to experiment with your home’s aesthetic appeal. It should be fun!

However, unless you’re an artist, it can be hard to know what color scheme works. Instead of wasting time repainting your room because you don’t like magenta as much as you thought you did, seek a professional’s opinion from the start. They’re well-versed in the intricacies of different color patterns.

5. You’ll Finish on Time

House painting is one of those projects that people continually put off. It’s a time-consuming, stress-inducing project. When you outsource the work to someone else, you don’t have to give up your valuable free time. It might take months to complete your vision if you’re working on it by yourself.

You don’t have to have such a big project looming over your head. Call a quality house painting company and let someone else take care of the details. Your mind and body will thank you.

6. You’ll be Safer

Accidents happen. It’s easy to slip off a ladder or get a daub of paint in your eye. Pro painters will be equipped with up-to-date safety gear and they’ll know how to protect themselves. A pro is a lot less likely to hurt himself than you are.

A lot of back problems begin with DIY home improvement projects. Don’t become a statistic!

7. You Won’t Have to Worry About Equipment

Properly painting a house requires specific equipment. Finding it all yourself can be a major annoyance, especially if you don’t have any experience. A licensed team will show up at your house with everything they need to complete the job.

8. Your Home Will Look Beautiful for Longer

Professional paint jobs last longer than most amateur ones. The pros know the right type of paint to use for each surface. Quality work can last for years.

Only you can decide what’s the best option for your home. However, if you’re thinking about a paint job, you should definitely consider going with the professionals. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration.

The DIY route is appealing at first but becomes less so when you think about what’s really involved. Depending on the size of your space, a paint job can be a major project.

Just make sure that you choose a reputable company. There are a lot of unlicensed providers preying on unsuspecting people.

Ready to revitalize your home? Call a professional painting company.

5 Must Have Bedroom Accessories to Help You Sleep

A bedroom should be a place of rest, where we can come to at the end of a hard day’s work to relax and unwind. It is one of the few places in the house we can truly call our own, so it makes sense to want to personalize it. Here are some ways in which you can do just that with the added benefit of helping you to get a good night’s sleep.

Wall Art

Whilst you may like to line your bedroom walls with photos of family and friends to keep the area more personal to you, it may surprise you to know that having photos near to your bed can stir up emotions and memories that make it harder to fall asleep. Keep family portraits in the living room or hallway and hang some large canvas art depicting green spaces, seascapes, or pictures with repeating patterns. These have all been proven to relax the mind.


If you are looking for something decorative yet practical, plants can actually be extremely beneficial in more ways than one. Plants purify the air we breathe by helping to remove odors and mold spores. As these spores can affect our breathing, it can cause us to have a restless night, so a plant in your bedroom can help you get better quality sleep. In addition, there are some plants that have been proven to have a calming effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Add some plants such as lavender and jasmine to your bedroom if you struggle to fall asleep at night.

Organic Bedding

Following on from the notion that purer air can help you sleep better, you can also help to remove allergens from the air by investing in new bed sheets. Conventional cotton bed sheets use cotton that has been grown using insecticides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. Organic cotton sheets, however, are made without the use of chemicals so anyone with allergies, especially skin allergies, should consider making the switch to organic bedding.


When your bedroom is filled with clutter, it can have a direct impact on the quality of sleep you have. Going to bed in a disorganized room will cause your brain, consciously or subconsciously, to register that there is a job to do – a room to tidy – and this causes feelings of stress and guilt that manifest themselves whilst you sleep. As we sleep, our body and mind start to refresh, but this process is hindered when there are more sources of stress in our lives. Invest in some quality storage that can keep your belongings hidden from view, such as under bed boxes, over door hangers, or an ottoman.

A Quality Mattress

This one may seem obvious, but there are so many people that have slept on the same mattress for years that they probably don’t even know that it is the root cause of their sleeping problems. Mattresses should be replaced every eight to ten years, as like any furniture or appliance in your home, they will eventually become worn down. A lack of sleep due to an ill -supporting mattress can lead to irritability, weight gain, and poor overall health. If you have been sleeping on the same mattress for years, it makes sense to invest in a new one.

If you are looking to revamp your bedroom, make sure to look into accessories that not only look great, but can be beneficial to a good night’s sleep too.

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Welcoming

You want your home setting to be as welcoming and comfortable as possible for you, your family and your guests. With a few simple changes, you’ll be able to create the inviting atmosphere that you desire. Here are three easy ways to make your home more welcoming.

Improve the Lighting

If the lighting is just right, anyone who walks into your home will feel more at ease right away. The bulbs for your light fixtures should emit soft light that still makes it easy to see without being too strenuous on the eyes. Using lanterns or floating candles to generate some of your light can also be more appealing. You can also try putting up some white string lights around your doors and windows.

Add Some Appealing Aromas

Certain aromas can also make a home setting more welcoming. Essential oils or air fresheners with scents like vanilla, lemon and lavender are great for enhancing the atmosphere. You can also try cooking some of your favorite foods with grill seasoning sets and letting the tantalizing smells linger for a while. Another simple trick is to heat a little bit of cinnamon in a pan.

Enhance the Entranceway

Anyone who enters your setting will immediately feel more at home if your entranceway is enhanced just right. A welcoming mat placed on your doorstep along with a long rug that sits inside the entranceway can make people feel as though they’re receiving the red-carpet treatment. Placing some mirrors, pictures or artwork just inside the entranceway can also help give a warm welcoming.

These are just a few of the simplest ways to create a living space that makes everyone feel like they’re wanted in your home. With a little imagination and creativity, you’ll likely be able to find additional ways to make your home more welcoming.

Top Benefits of Having an Electric Fireplace in Your Home

The warmth of the fireplace not only looks enchanting but gives the heart a warm and comfortable feeling.

Traditionally, people used to use real wood for a fireplace. This process involves money, work and may prove to be dangerous if not done properly. You can buy an electric fireplace instead. It provides a beautiful visual of an actual fireplace. It will give your home a very rich, unique and classy look, and will also provide the desired coziness during winter months. The flames of the electric fireplace look as realistic as a real fireplace without the harmful fumes of a real fire. Here are the top benefits of having an electric fireplace at your home.

Hassle-free installation
If you have a real fireplace then it will require you to collect wood and then burn it. This is not possible if you are living in a rented home. Moreover, an electric fireplace will not require you to damage your home by breaking a wall. These fireplaces come with a stand that can be placed anywhere. This also ensures portability which means you can place it in any room in your house. Some fireplaces can be hung up against a wall.

Provides warmth without danger
Electric fireplaces do not give out smoke and they do not have any gas burning, hence they are absolutely safe. Moreover, they provide more warmth, and unlike actual wood fireplaces, they do not give out smoke from the chimney. All the warmth is preserved in the room and so it heats up the room fast and gives a feeling of coziness.

A great decoration piece
You can impress your friends with your electric fireplace. It is a great decoration piece for your home. It comes in a variety of designs. You can check out some of the stylish designs from Hvacify.Com and give your house a makeover at affordable prices.

Zero or less maintenance
If you are using a real fireplace then you have to clean up the chimney, the ash, and soot. Electric fireplaces are plug and go devices so you do not need to take extensive care. You can use it when you want and just get servicing done once a year to maintain it.

Energy efficient
Electric fireplaces do not consume a lot of electricity since they heat only a particular room at a time and not the entire home. This will help in managing your electric bills and will not burn a hole in your pocket, unlike your electric heaters.

Natural look and feel and longevity
Electric fireplaces are less prone to erosion and rust. They last longer than electric heaters. It will bring a part of nature inside your home and make your home feel warm and cozy.

Are you willing to enjoy the warmth and coziness of a real fireplace without facing any safety hazards or the difficulty of maintenance? Then get your electric fireplace today! It is more efficient, cost-effective and easier to maintain and will give your home a grand look.


What do you do when you are urban dweller with a passion for farming but you have limited space? Start a backyard garden. You don’t have to live in the ranches found at the countryside to put your farming skills into use. A backyard garden is also one of the ways of landscaping your home.

A backyard garden, if tended to well, can produce enough yields to meet your family’s need for fresh organic products like vegetables and fruits. Additionally, it will save you the money you would have otherwise spent at the grocery store.

Here’s everything you need to know to start your backyard garden.

Choose the right crop

Different crops thrive under different conditions and their maturity periods also differs from one to another.

Find out the types of crops that grow best in your particular locality. The best is to start with fast-maturing crops like kales and spinach but this depends on the needs of your family.

Tomato, pepper and onions also make for good backyard garden plants since you won’t wait for long before harvesting.

Crop rotation

Crop rotation is important in allowing the soil time to replenish its nutrients and regain its fertility.

Different crops consume different soil nutrients and you don’t have leave your backyard fallow to give the soil time to regenerate its nutrients. Simply rotate your crops appropriately. Expert gardeners are those who know how to rotate their crops in order to always get the maximum yields from their gardens.

The idea is to know the different plant families and the nutrients they need. For example, potatoes and tomatoes belong to the same family and use the same nutrients, therefore you should not replace one with the other since it will use the very same nutrients like the other.

Rotate your tomatoes with leguminous plants like beans which have nitrogenous nodules that improve the fertility levels of your backyard garden.

Improving fertility

Add compost and manure in your garden to increase fertility and improve yields. However, be careful not to put too much manure since it can alter the soil pH values and make your crops to die. Moderation is key.

If you must add fertilizers, use suitable organic fertilizers and get the right timing of adding farm inputs to your crops. There other Gardening Tips And Reviews that can help you get better yields.


Rain-fed agriculture is possible during the wet season but you must regularly water your plants during the dry seasons.

Your watering schedule is determined by the types of crops in your garden. Some require a lot of water, others do not. Leafy vegetables, for instance, require more water than potatoes and onions which are usually damaged by too much water. Yellowing of the leaves usually indicate too much watering.

Using the correct watering techniques prevents the rotting of leaves and the spread of diseases.

Weeding and pest control

Minimize the amount of herbicides you use in your garden by get rid of weeds when they are still small and can be pulled by hand. Most herbicides contain harmful chemicals that pose a danger to your health when inhaled or ingested.

If the weeds are grown, use a hoe to dig them up.

Mulching and spacing your crops well helps ward off weeds and pests from your garden.


Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for All the Right Reasons

Everyone’s life is busy. Whether you are a working single person or a working parent, or just don’t like cleaning, hiring a cleaning service either regularly or upon occasion is something you should consider.

Many people look at paying someone to clean their house as a luxury because it costs money and it is something that they can do themselves. However, it really depends on your reason, budget, and personal lifestyle that will help you decide if this is a good decision for you.

Parents need to learn how to balance many aspects of their lives, especially if they work. The days start out with getting everyone out of bed and ready for school or work, shopping, making sure homework is completed, paying bills, preparing meals, running errands, and then getting children off to bed at the right time to be ready to wake up and start the process all over again.

It is often difficult for parents to keep up with the daily challenges of everyday life including keeping their house clean. Hiring a professional cleaning service, even once a month for the big cleaning, can be very helpful in alleviating some of the pressures of working parents.

You don’t want to hire just any company to come into your home. It is important that you find a company that is licensed, bonded, insured, and certified. According to Amazon Cleaning, providing experienced and highly-trained personnel who have gone through extensive background checks will guarantee that customers are not only satisfied but will also enjoy a spotless home.

Once you make the decision to hire a cleaning company, you want to have the confidence that your personal and property interests are protected while knowing that you have hired reputable and reliable professionals.

Save Money

Yes, you can actually save money by hiring a professional cleaning company. As most homeowners know, they have to maintain a supply of various cleaning materials for different rooms in their house and for different surfaces. Most cleaning services not only provide their own supplies but also their own equipment. Not only are you saving money on supplies, you are also extending the life of your vacuum cleaner as it won’t be used as often. Good vacuum cleaners can be very expensive. Also, don’t forget that time is money and your time is valuable

Reduce Stress

Life can be stressful. Many people are overextended and have more to do than there are hours in a day. Some find it difficult to juggle the time and energy needed to get everything done. Keeping your house clean and in order can take a toll on one’s family, marriage, work, and even health. Some people might feel guilty when cleaning their house because it is taking time away from friends and loved ones. Others might feel guilty if they don’t take the time to clean and have a messy house. Hiring someone else to clean your house can go a long way in reducing the stress in your life. Think about how nice it would be to come home from a hard day’s work and walk into your newly cleaned home.

You Hate Housework

Yes, it’s true that most of us have to do some things in our lives that we just don’t like to do. In some cases, cleaning is one of those things. Hiring a professional cleaner does not mean you are avoiding your responsibility, living extravagantly, or that you are lazy. If you are able to, why not focus your time and energy on aspects of your life that you enjoy and where you are proficient?

Some people also never learned how to clean everything in the most efficient and effective manner. There are trick and tips that professional cleaners learn with time and experience.

A Possible Compromise

For those people who can’t decide whether or not to hire a professional cleaner, or who do not have enough money to hire one every week or even those who feel guilty for paying someone to do something they can do themselves, how about bringing in a professional cleaning service once a month? Or even once every 2-3 months?

This way, you can take care of the general day-to-day cleaning and leave it to the professionals to do the occasional larger-scale deep cleaning.

What to Look for When Buying a Wine Cooler

Many websites such as sell wine cabinets or coolers. If you’ve never purchased a wine cooler before, though, you may be lost about what to look for. Which features should you consider to get a wine cooler that meets your needs? Below are some tips that can make the process easier.

Consider the Size of the Cooler

The first and most important thing to consider is the cooler size. How many bottles of wine do you hope to store inside your cabinet? Also, think about how much space you have and your spending limit.

In general, most coolers are large enough to store 12 bottles of wine. This is a pretty standard size. If you have the space, however, choose a size that can fit an extra four or five bottles of wine. For example, a chiller that holds 15 to 18 bottles gives you plenty of storage with a little room to grow. However, they make wine cabinets that are much bigger. Some are large enough to store more than 50 bottles.

Get the Temperature Just Right

Another big factor to consider is the temperature. Any wine enthusiast knows that wines need to be chilled and stored at certain temperatures to preserve the taste. Most red and white wines are stored at two separate temperatures.

For example, red wine is usually stored at between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, while white wine needs to be a bit cooler at 49 to 56 degrees. Unless you like drinking only one type of wine, it may be beneficial to buy two small coolers instead of one large cooler. However, you could consider getting a cooler that has dual climate control.

Block Those UV Rays

Did you know that ultraviolet lights are harmful to wine? The more UV rays that wine is exposed to, the more that it changes the original flavor. One way around this is to look for wine coolers that block UV rays. They typically come with special filters for the glass doors. The filters allow you to still peer into the cabinets, but they prevent UV light from passing through. This feature typically doesn’t cost much and will do your wine a world of good.

Finding the right wine cooler can help you store your bottles properly for a long time to come. If you love drinking wine, you don’t want to be without at least one wine cooler that can keep it at the correct temperature. Considering the above factors will ensure that you never waste a perfectly good bottle of wine again.

4 Innovative Home Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Home design trends are integral to the work of an architect; clients will always be influenced by the homes they see on interior design blogs, so it’s important to stay aware of the latest movements. This year, layouts, features, and systems are evolving to suit the growing needs of the modern day homeowner, relying on both technological advances and ancient building practices to transform the architectural landscape.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the building sector consumes nearly half of all the energy we produce in the United States, so the lean toward sustainable design comes as no surprise. Whichever way you look at it, the future of architecture is going to be spectacular. Here are four innovative trends to watch out for this year.

Organic Architecture

Perhaps one of the most notable design trends for 2018 is the move toward earthen living. Over the years, home design has become increasingly energy efficient, but environmentalists think we can do better. Cue the development of organic architecture: a reliance on ancient building techniques and biodegradable, earthly materials that take us back to our roots. Despite having been built from dirt and stone, today’s “earth houses” are far from primitive, with structures proving comfortable, strong and beautiful. It is estimated that 50% of the world’s population lives in earthen architecture – and this is something Western countries are starting to pay attention to.

Flexible Floor Plans

On the other end of the spectrum, the world continues to move toward a more seamless, technology-driven existence. This means our homes are becoming more adaptable to our needs, paving the way for sliding partition walls and flexible floor plans. Adaptable design will allow rooms to transform into other rooms and living spaces to change along with our changing lifestyles. A large home office could, for instance, be divided into two rooms to accommodate a nursery; or else a dining room could flow seamlessly into the kitchen for family mealtimes, but become a smaller, more intimate space for dinner parties.

Adaptable “Bonus” Rooms

Dedicated living and dining rooms could also be replaced by large, adaptable multi-purpose spaces. While this trend accommodates our growing need for flexibility, it also remains conscious of the environmental and societal impact of larger homes. The trend towards minimalism and the Tiny House Movement of 2017 means many people are thinking of ways they can downsize or make the most of their existing spaces. Some modern homes also include private “bonus” rooms that can be adapted to suit a variety of needs.

Outdoor Living

This year will also see a trend towards the great outdoors, with many homeowners designing their backyards to accommodate everyday living. We’ve already seen outdoor lighting and garden decor soar in popularity over the past couple of years, but 2018 is set to take the design trend one step further. Expect to see bigger and bolder porch ceiling lights in modern homes, like the statement pendants and outdoor chandeliers available from YLighting, as well as sofas that look like they belong inside, wooden nesting tables and even tapestry rugs.

All in all, 2018 is set to be a dichotomous year for home design. While we continue to rely on technology to adapt our homes to our changing needs, there is also an increased sensitivity toward the environment and a need to return to more primitive times.