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First Time Visiting Singapore Hack

Are you visiting the City in the Garden anytime soon? Singapore is like Europe’s equivalent in South East Asia where ordinary English will help you find your way through the city-state. However, brace yourself for the culture shock. The country is home to close to four different ethnicities each with their distinctive traditions and cultures.

Acquiring a Singaporean tourist visa is easy especially if it is for a short stay. Nonetheless, if you are looking to extend your stay and seek employment,  job agent Singapore can help you secure the needed documents.


Singapore has a tropical climate, meaning the weather is generally hot and humid for most parts of the year. Pack light cotton clothes that will help you stay cool during your visit. Additionally, carry a pair of sandals. Besides, if you are planning to go hiking a pair of sturdy trekking boots can come in handy.

To sum it up, don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Remember the Rules

First and foremost, it is illegal to chew gum in Singapore. Secondly, do not litter the streets otherwise you will get to clean the streets on Sundays.


Singapore offers a plethora of travel options. You can choose from the cable cars, hop on/off buses, or the tram. Hop on/off bus services provide a cheaper alternative for you to travel far and wide and explore more significant sights.

Fun Places You Should Know


The island should the first place you visit once you land in Singapore. The island is home to Universal Singapore Studios, the Dolphin Lagoon, the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom alongside many other fascinating places which are fun to visit.

Trip Down Singapore River

This one sure and simple way to tour most of Singapore’s iconic landmarks, such as the Merlion statue at Marina Bay and see the site of Raffles’ landing at the historic Boat Quay. Tickets for a cruise down Singapore river can be purchased online.

You can choose the mode you want to travel from hop-on buses to the traditional bumboats. A trip down the Singapore river will give an opportunity to discover Singapore’s perfect blend of modern and traditional heritage.

The Famous Night Safari

Singapore’s night safari is one thing you should not miss out on. Here in you get to take a tour through a nocturnal only safari park. You will get to watch the endangered Asian elephant, Malayan tiger species alongside many others.

The friendlier animals, such as the deer roam freely through the park with the fierce such as the tiger in cages. Here you can choose between taking a tram ride or explore through on foot.

Visit the Botanic Gardens

Singapore’s botanic gardens open their gates as early as 5 in the morning. It offers a perfect opportunity to talk that morning walk enjoying different tree and plant species.

Shop till You Can’t Anymore

Take a stroll down Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street will leave you spoilt for choice. Here in you will get a whole range of traditional garments, foodstuffs, and spices, antiques alongside many others.

On the side, remember to carry your camera to capture the most exciting events to share with your friends and family when you go back home.

3 Ways to Beat Insomnia Without Sleeping Pills

Insomnia is not necessarily a condition, but rather a symptom of some underlying cause. The cause itself could be physical, psychological, or even environmental, depending on the particular situation in question. While it would be impossible to determine the cause/causes without consulting a proper medical professional, insomnia in most people doesn’t stem from severe conditions. If you have had trouble sleeping recently or for quite a while now, here are three steps that can prove to be quite effective.


Even though you might be used to seeing your bedroom in a certain way, it doesn’t mean that your subconscious mind sees it in the same light as your conscious mind. Take care of the following to see a rapid change in your bedroom’s ambience:

⦁ Make your bedroom slightly cooler than the rest of your home
⦁ Repaint the walls with soothing colors such as light blue, pink, or purple
⦁ Make sure that when you switch off the lights and pull the curtains, the room becomes pitch black at night
⦁ Use scents such as lavender and jasmine to get more sleep through aromatherapy

Make Your Bed Sleep-Friendly

The bedroom is important, but it isn’t nearly as important as the bed itself for obvious reasons. It has been found that most sleep-related problems originate from the bed, so taking care of all the essentials will likely cure your insomnia as well. The mattress should be just right for the people who are sleeping on it. For example, medium-firm memory foam mattresses are recommended for most people, but if you have a back problem that keeps you up at night, you may need a firmer mattress. On the other hand, side-sleepers will not be able to sleep well, if at all, on a hard mattress. The bed isn’t only about the mattress though, because pillows are just as important. A waterbase pillow with foam or fiber on top for comfort and water below can work wonders for destressing the neck and relaxing the entire spine by combining support with flexibility. If the bed and the pillows you are lying on are customized to your specific needs, rest assured that you will definitely sleep better.

Skip a Night’s Sleep

Now here is an idea that nobody will tell you about because it’s a bit extreme. If you are having trouble with sleeping every night, then chances are that you wake up after just a few hours of sleep in the wee hours of the morning and spend your entire day in a drowse. This is something that further disrupts the sleep cycle and it continues till insomnia sets in deep. Try the following few steps (only when the day after isn’t a busy/work day) when you are having trouble sleeping and you may just cure your insomnia for good.

⦁ Don’t sleep or even lie down on the bed in an attempt to sleep during the night
⦁ Resist the urge to sleep during the early hours of the morning and go about your day
⦁ Do not allow yourself to indulge in caffeine or energy drinks too much
⦁ Although you will feel drowsy throughout the day, don’t sleep at all until it’s bed time
⦁ Get into bed a few minutes prior to bed time
⦁ Read a book or listen to relaxing music till you fall asleep automatically
⦁ Get in and out of bed every day at the same time after this

If none of the above methods are working for you, it is definitely time to visit a physician and get a professional opinion. Additionally, you may want to think about seeking the advice of a therapist (I love the convenience of online therapy from;  but in most cases, these three steps are sufficient to cure insomnia and keep it at bay as well.

Psychiatry as a Career

When thinking about a future career, a lot of young people think either one of two things: they want a job that will make them a lot of money, or they want to make a difference in people’s lives.  Though it’s there there are many ways in which a person can choose to make a difference, an option that some may not immediately think about is a position in psychiatry.

So many people visualize being a doctor as being in the emergency room or operating room and holding people’s lives in their hands.  But there are other medical paths that are just as important and are needed more now than ever–psychologists and psychiatrists.

With the advent of mental health awareness and the stigma around getting help for yourself vanishing, psychiatry is becoming just as important as traditional medicine.  A psychiatrist can take on many faces for a patient: confidant, adviser, friend.  Think about some of these benefits of taking up a career in psychiatry.


Although some psychiatrists do work in busy hospitals with a lot of patient flow in and out, for the most part a psychiatrist will have a smaller patient load than a traditional physician.  Because of the nature of mental health treatment, a lot of deep issues are discussed between doctor and patient, and as a result the patient can feel a sense of trust and security as the relationship between the two is built up.


As I mentioned earlier, the number of people who are searching for help with their mental health problems is growing exponentially.  So, naturally, doctors are making themselves more available so they can help a greater number of people.  Psychiatrists are now reachable on many channels; online, in office, through telephone and email.  So a psychiatrist who doesn’t want to work in a 9-5 office setting doesn’t really have to all the time. If you’re a night owl, having video chats with patients on a graveyard shift might be right up your alley.


In my opinion, mental health professionals are taking up one of the most respectable jobs.  It takes a strong person to be able to listen objectively to others’ deep-seated obstacles and not take the stress of the situation upon themselves.  In a lot of cases, although you may not hold someone’s beating heart in your hands, you may be saving their lives another way–by giving them the outlet they need before they harm themselves.

Psychiatry is a medical field that will have many upcoming opportunities in the future, so you should consider these points as you choose what you want to do in life.

Thinking About Marriage Counseling?

As a rule, I don’t generally like to give out relationship advice.  There are too many aspects to consider when it comes to the intricacies of relationships between couples, and what works for me and my marriage may not work for yours.  But, if you have been thinking that it’s time to talk to a neutral party about what’s happening between you and your spouse, here is some information for you to consider before taking that next step.

Counseling Isn’t Always Negative

The general consensus around marriage counseling is that you should only go if you and your spouse are having serious problems that you cannot work through, or that you are on the verge of a divorce.  At least, this is how couples in counseling are usually portrayed on movies and television.

But, sometimes it’s a good idea to think about finding someone to talk to before you get that far into an issue.  Sometimes newly married couples seek counseling because they might want guidelines on how to solve problems that arise during the course of their marriage.  Or one spouse might have something they want to address with the other, but are not sure how to go about it.  In these cases and others, a counselor can help open up communication between you.

There Are Several Options

You should know that there are more options now for marriage counseling than just sitting in a room and talking about your problems.  Online therapy is becoming more and more popular, and can be an excellent option for those who can’t find an office nearby, or those who need a more flexible schedule.  If you have a trusted friend you can both confide in whom you think will be impartial, that is another option.  Many pastors of churches will also offer counseling if you ask.

If you’re worried about cost, some insurances do cover counseling, so be sure to look into your benefits to know what exactly you might have to pay. Online therapy is affordable, and you can often purchase packages of sessions to help lower the price.  If you are intent on helping your marriage through a difficult period, you should weigh the costs of therapy against the cost of not getting any help–and that might be a price you don’t want to pay.

How Do Processing Terminals Work?

Most people take for granted the ability to quickly and securely pay for goods or services with credit cards, debit cards or mobile devices. However, the processes involved in making the act of paying so effortless are quite fascinating. Payment technologies represent the leading edge of both the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) currently entering everyday life. Cloud-enabled point of sale software applications such as Clover POS systems provide the necessary link between processing terminals and networks to give customers the convenient and safe payment methods they desire.

Moving Money With Ease

To accept payments other than cash, merchants must invest in a piece of hardware known as a processing terminal. These devices, which connect to cardholders’ banks through a secure network, capture and securely transmit account and transaction data. The issuing bank analyzes the information and sends an authorization or denial back to the processing terminal.

Payment software helps determine the speed at which the terminal can handle transactions. Leading cloud-based applications such as Revel POS or Clover allow the use of non-traditional processing terminals like iPads outfitted with card scanners. As developers continue to add innovations to both software and hardware, merchants and customers are enjoying the many benefits.

• Secure transactions
• Easy-to-use interfaces for customers and employees
• Acceptance of all forms of electronic payments
• Complete mobility provided by built-in wireless networking capabilities
• Tracking of inventory, sales data and loyalty programs

The payment solutions industry is rapidly evolving as product developers strive to meet the need of merchants to serve the continually changing habits and preferences of today’s consumers.

Choosing the Right Payment Processing System

If you are looking for the right POS system for your business, the payment experts at Merchant Account Solutions pride themselves in serving all types of companies. The firm also offers a lowest-rate guarantee, so contact a representative today, and learn more about the options that are available to you.

5 Facts about Summer Bugs in Florida


Summer in Florida constitutes humid days with thunderstorms and rain and this is perfect weather for pests to chirp in and take shelter in safe places. A female mosquito lays eggs and increases the population of their community within a few weeks. Rain invites in various pests, and these pests can make human life hell. Here are five facts about summer insects in Florida:

• Increasing numbers of mosquitoes can bring in various diseases.
• They can cause itchiness in the skin and welts that can turn in to rashes for delicate skin types.
• Mosquitoes can lay 100s of eggs in a place as tiny as the cap of a bottle.
• Summer brings in termites like ants, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, and more.
• One can keep their surroundings clean and remove any sort of water storage, but then one cannot control what neighbors do. Hence one needs to make sure to take extra safety and precautions.

Every person wants to have a hygienic and clean lifestyle. People believe in keeping their surroundings clean so that one can avoid any sort of pests or termites at home. But as soon as one steps outside the house, the mosquitoes start biting. There might be ants on the grass that can sting kids and make them restless due to intensive itching on the skin. Mosquitoes are also the carriers of various diseases, though some of them have already been eradicated, but still they bring in viruses for diseases like west Nile and Zika that can be harmful for humans– especially kids.

Summers are the time for vacations and kids like to go out and play. Hence, it is important to search for exterminators near you who can do pest control around the house so that there is no sign of any insect at all. Pest control mosquito treatment is carried out in four steps. The exterminators first inspect the area they are supposed to work on and identify the places that generates pests.

They kill the existing mosquitoes and then take controlling measures that last for some weeks. Once the mosquitoes are all killed and the entering of new pests are prohibited, they provide maintenance service every month so that mosquitoes can never enter the targeted area. People can enjoy outside the controlled area without having to worry about the bug bites.

The exterminators of Tampa are well aware of the localities and hence can take efficient steps towards controlling pests. They work for both commercial and residential needs and vow guaranteed solutions as they start their process. They even offer a money back guarantee in case the client does not end up getting an efficient result so that people can trust the flawless service for pest control and mosquito treatment. Along with keeping away the mosquitoes, they also work to control and remove termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants and other wildlife that are huge pests for residential areas that are meant for humans.

What is Mental Health Counseling?

You may have noticed that this blog has been writing a number of posts about mental health lately.  I truly believe that there has never been a more important time for people to be getting help if they need it.  The number of professionals choosing to work in the mental health field is growing, which is necessary because the number of patients seeking help is growing too.

If you think you’re in need of someone to talk to, it may be time to seek mental health counseling.  The word “counseling” is really just a broad term for the giving and receiving of advice or guidance.  Most importantly, a counselor gives you someone to confide in when it comes to your mental health.

A counselor can be someone from any of several different professions–social worker, therapist, even psychologists are considered counselors.  Depending on your location, you may only have one or several options on finding a counselor that’s right for you.

Mental health counseling can take many forms.  For nearly every problem a patient may have, there is usually a therapist who specializes in it.  Some examples of specialized counseling may include marriage counseling, family counseling, or drug addiction counseling.  There are also those who have certain skills in dealing with children or patients who have been through certain traumas, such as PTSD.

With so many options when it comes to finding mental health counseling, you may be wondering where to start.  Not long ago I wrote an article about how you can begin your journey and find the right kind of therapist for you. Another good way to learn about counseling options is simply through word of mouth.  Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family if they know anyone who they can recommend to help with mental health issues.  These days, the stigma on finding and getting help for yourself is pretty much gone, and most people are eager to share their recommendations on counselors they love.  It will also help to know you are not alone in your quest for mental wellbeing.


Therapist, Psychologist, or Something Else: Choosing a Mental Health Care Provider

Image result for mental health provider

So you have come to the decision that you want to seek help with any mental health issues you may be experiencing.  First of all, you should feel proud that you’re making the choice to strive to be your best self.  But it can understandably be overwhelming when you begin the search to find the right type of provider for you.  There are so many choices now, which is absolutely a good thing, but it’s not always easy to determine where to find care.  I’d like to provide a small guide to help you make that choice.


To start off, just the terminology can be confusing! From psychologists to therapists, counselors to psychiatrists, it might be hard to know where to start.  Here’s the difference between providers and what they can offer you.

  • Psychologists–have a degree in psychology.  They have studied behavioral and personality disorders and psychotherapy. They can make diagnoses but can’t prescribe any medication.  They can help you determine a course of treatment and what your next steps might be.
  • Psychiatrists–possess a medical degree. They don’t typically provide therapy sessions, but instead meet with a patient to discuss prescribing medications.
  • Therapists–can have a degree in various fields.  They are ready to help you talk about and address problems and feelings, and guide you through them at your own pace.
  • Counselors–the same as therapists but usually they concentrate on one specialty or another, i.e. marriage counseling, family counseling, etc. Much like psychologists they can help you assess problems and follow a plan of action.


One of the first steps you will want to take is checking what exactly your insurance will cover.  Many insurances will only have a certain number of each type of provider in network.  It’s up to you to figure out if you are able to afford to go in or out of network for your coverage. Be aware that mental health issues often require multiple visits to deal with, so cost might be one of the most important factors.

Once you’ve got your list, start calling around.  You need to see who is taking new patients.  This can be a little disheartening at times because it seems that no one has an opening to suit you, but don’t give up. Providers can only take so much of a patient load and within a short amount of time there may become an opening available at your chosen provider.

If you live in a more rural area, you might have a more limited list to choose from.  I know I am in a small town and the only choice available in my town is a counselor.  Keep in mind that you might have to travel to find the provider with the right fit for you, but it’s an investment in yourself.


I hope this short guide has helped make your choices a little less daunting.  Most importantly, know that you are not alone, and there are people in the world who want to help you.

Why Finding a Great Pharmacy Makes Life Easier

I have lived in big cities, but I was born and raised in a small town.  Now that I’m back in my original hometown raising my children, I can appreciate some of the finer points of small town life that some people might not realize.  Although sometimes it’s a drawback that every person in town not only knows who you are, but also who the members of your extended family are and therefore will know things about you that you might not even know yourself, having this sense of camaraderie can be a benefit in many cases.  One thing that comes to my mind is using this information at your local pharmacy.

There are no big chain pharmacies in the town where I live–we have one within a bigger store, but the other two are small, family owned places that have been in business for decades and offer friendly, personal service.  Here are just a few of the ways having a great pharmacy makes my life easier.



When I call my pharmacy, most of the time I know who the person is answering the phone, and they know me.  I can quickly tell them who I am and what I need, and they don’t have to stay on the phone with me for ages trying to find me in their system, or misspell my name, etc.  This personal service also means that whomever you are speaking with will most likely want to exchange some small talk with you, but that’s not a big price to pay and it makes you feel like a person and not just a prescription number.


Let’s be truthful, prescription medications can be expensive; this is especially the case for older people who live on a strict budget.  When you know the people who are working at a pharmacy, they will often take the time to give you extra help when it comes to giving you the best possible price for your prescriptions.  This can mean deciding which insurance to go through, whether to pay in cash, or finding a coupon for you to use such as this Advair Diskus discount. Many times the employees will do this before you even ask, so I see this as an amazing benefit.


It’s always the best idea to tell your doctor and pharmacist which medications you are on so you will know how new ones may or may not affect you.  But if you’ve been using the same pharmacy for years, the people who prepare your medicines will get to know you and therefore can offer advice your doctor may not have thought of.  For example, if you are a mother and need to be alert to take care of your kids, your family pharmacist might tell you not to take a pain medication until your kids are already in bed for the night.  They will often take more time to speak with you than a doctor will, and therefore are eager to help you be at your best.

Keep in mind, I’m not necessarily saying that people working within big chain pharmacies won’t have this fantastic level of customer service, but it’s just been my experience that every time I got to one, there are different people working…how can you get to know anyone on a personal level in such a situation.  If you can, find a smaller, family owned pharmacy to support small business and receive the care you deserve.

5 Big Cities Every Southern Girl Will Love


In 2017, Las Vegas was the hottest housing market in the country with the average property rising by just under 7 percent.  However, Sin City lacks the charm of many cities in our great nation – something which is proven out by the fact that just about every other housing market in the Top 10 nationally was in the South.  This just goes to show that there is something about southern living and here five of the best big cities every southern girl will love.



Everything is bigger in Texas and while cities such as San Antonio have received a lot of attention in recent years, the housing market in Dallas is red hot.  So hot that you’ll probably have to spend a small fortune to get the home of your dreams.  But this hasn’t slowed down demand as most builders are reporting that they can barely keep up.

What are the hottest properties in Dallas?  Candidates include the Soco Urban Lofts, which is in a building that is more than 100-years-old and has a two-story penthouse, or you could go for the slick, new Azure Condo.  But even these two properties have nothing on the Museum Tower development.  This project has redefined luxury in a city that always goes big or goes home, with prices starting at $1,000,000.


Fort Lauderdale

Long known for being a spring break destination, this city just a stone’s throw from Miami is finally coming of age – so much so that you will have to trade in the wine coolers of youth for a wine cooler.

A big reason for this is the awakening of Fort Lauderdale’s downtown with a mix of art districts, restaurants, condos, and rail connections to the broader region.  By the way, Fort Lauderdale is a great alternative to flying in and out of Miami International Airport.

One of the most sought-after properties in the city is the Icon Las Olas.  Not only does this development occupy a prime downtown location but all 272 of the units on sale are the epitome of luxury.

Before wrapping up our review of Fort Lauderdale, we need to discuss the beach – after all, this remains of the biggest draws in this up and coming South Florida city.  Again, the city does not disappoint as it has a laid-back vibe which sets it apart from South Beach in Miami or the ultra-monied set in Boca Raton.



Besides Atlanta, this city has long been associated with the South and why not as the city is home to the Grand Ole Opry.  While the music is still big business in Nashville, the city is undergoing a transformation as it has become of the tech hubs of the South.  That’s right, move over Research Triangle, Music City is coming for your title.

In terms of where to live, developers in Nashville are rising to the challenge and any southern girl who is looking for a luxury condo won’t be disappointed won’t be disappointed.  For starters there is The Adelicia, not only does this development boast several celebrity owners the condos are some of the best in Nashville.

Beyond this, music lovers can choose The Rhythm at Music Row, which has turned out to be one of the trendiest locations in the city.  However, my choice for the best condo development in Nashville is The Encore.  This development has everything you want in a luxury development – great floor plans and top-notch design.  But what sets The Encore apart is that it is within walking distance of Nissan Stadium (home of the Tennessee Titans) and Bridgestone Arena (home of the Nashville Predators) – try walking anywhere in Atlanta.



Home of Elvis and the Ancient Greeks and there is a good reason why Memphis remains one of the best places to live in the entire South.  Ok, this big city does not have the same big city vibe as an Atlanta or a Dallas, and you won’t find mega developments like Vista Tower Chicago but there are plenty of great properties that you will love in Memphis.

Some of the best include the Paperworks Lofts in the boho South Main neighborhood and the Pie Factory Lofts in the Cooper-Young part of town.  Now there is something about Memphis as it has a different feel than almost everywhere in the south and if you love great barbeque and the view of The Mighty Mississippi, then this is the city for you.


New Orleans

Now there are so many great places to live in the South that limiting this list to five cities was hard.  For example, some readers might be upset about leaving Atlanta out of the list and there are great towns like Charleston which deserve honorable mention.  But when it comes to choosing of the best big cities in the south – and by extension the best properties – New Orleans can’t be ignored.

Of my favorites is The Paramount and true to its name this development in the heart of the French Quarter is one of the most sought-after properties in The Big Easy.  Honorable mention includes the riverside Rice Mill Lofts and the Blue Plate Artist Lofts – the latter captures the creative spirit of this city.

There you have it; five great southern cities and the properties that every Southern girl is bound to love.