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PRODUCT REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Natural House Products

With a small child in my household, I am always wary of what chemicals are in the products I use on a daily basis.  That’s why I was so excited to try the natural household cleaning products made by Natural House.

Natural House has created a revolutionary new product line: 5 household cleaners made of all natural ingredients.  Utilizing non-toxic, probiotic cleaning agents, Natural House products are strong enough for commercial clean-up, yet safe and gentile for all of the members of your Natural House.

Check out this video for more information about the probiotic cleaning agents.

I was sent 3 of the Natural House products to try: Flushy, Sinky, and Trashy.

Flushy is a powerful toilet bowl cleaner + Drain and Septic Treatment in one. The professional strength formula cuts through stains, hard water and calcium deposits in the bowl. The probiotics continue to consume toilet paper and waste build up in the p-trap, drain and pipes, and maintain the health of the septic system.

I liked that I could tell that Flushy worked immediately.  As soon as I tossed one packet into the bowl, it began bubbling up.  After the packet dissolved, the bowl seemed cleaner, and stayed that way for longer.

Sinky breaks down grease and food scraps to help prevent clogs and slow drains. Used weekly, Sinky will scour the drain and disposal driving out odors at their source.

This is a common product we have in our home, since my husband seems to think that for some reason we have a garbage disposal, when we do not.  LOL.  Sinky definitely uses its foaming action to clean the drain, and gets rid of the yucky smell that can come from food scraps trapped in the pipes.

Trashy removes odors at their source. Use trashy in indoor or outdoor trash cans to dissolve odors, grease and food scraps.

This was by far my favorite product of the three I tried.  Our kitchen and living room are open plan, and since we don’t take our trash out every day, it can start to stink before the bag is even full!  But I sprayed some Trashy in the can before I put the bag in, and then IN the bag.  You can even use it to get rid of garbage smells in between taking out the bags.  No more stinky garbage can!

Natural House products can be purchased directly from their website, or also on Amazon.  You can keep up with Natural House through their Facebook or Twitter.

You have a chance to win your own 30 day supply of Natural House Products!


PRODUCT REVIEW: Lady Soma Antioxidant Berry Masque

I am definitely a face masque junkie.  I was so excited to get to try the Antioxidant Berry Masque made by Lady Soma, a manufacturer of natural beauty products for women.

The Antioxidant Berry Masque is loaded with antioxidant berries and Vitamins A, C, andE. The masque allows for a detox facial treatment using the antioxidant power of blueberries and cranberries, which enhance cellular renewal and collagen production.  The glycolic and alpha lipoic acids create a microdermabrasion-like effect that eliminates dead skin cells to reveal a fresh new layer.

The first thing I noticed about this masque was that it smells SOOOO delicious!  It is made with REAL blueberry, cranberry, and pomegranate, and it definitely smells like fresh fruit…which makes for a very pleasant experience.  The masque is thick and creamy, with little exfoliating seeds throughout.

I loved that I could really feel this product working.  When it was on my face, I felt a cooling tingle, which felt nice and rejuvenating.  After 8 minutes, I rinsed the masque off, and I could immediately tell that my face felt so much softer.  After using this product for 3 weeks, I can tell that my skin is brighter and so smooth.

Lady Soma Antioxidant Berry Masque is a phenomenal product that I would recommend to ladies of any age!

Visit Lady Soma to learn more about all their natural health and beauty products.


PRODUCT REVIEW: Funny Golf Shirts


My husband has been a big golfer since he was a little kid.  So I was happy when I got the chance to let him try out a fun golf shirt from Golf Shirt Hero.

He was sent a t-shirt in the design “Life’s Priorities (Eat Sleep Golf).”

I loved the way it looked on him!  You can tell that this company uses high quality shirts.  The material was not too thin,and it was sturdy.  My husband reports that the shirt is very soft and comfortable!  The only change he made was cutting the tags out of the back of the shirt, but he does that to ALL his shirts.  He got a few chuckles out of people while wearing it, as well. 🙂

Check out the Golf Shirt Hero site for more hilarious golf t-shirts!

Here are a few of my faves:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

PRODUCT REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Potty Covers for Kids

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For those of us who have small children that are potty trained, taking them to use the potty in a public place can be a somewhat stressful experience.  Who knows the last time the toilet has been cleaned?  And if your kid is anything like my 3 year old son, they immediately want to touch the toilet and sit down as soon as they get near it!

Well, this problem has been remedied with the awesome new product, Potty Covers.

PottyCover is a disposable toilet seat cover for children that covers the sides and the front of the toilet, to keep away germs at public rest-rooms.  It is made of non-woven fabric coated with a layer of plastic, creating a waterproof barrier between the toilet and the child. This product has the largest coverage of all seat covers on the market and for added convenience, each seat cover is individually packaged in a small, easy to open bag that makes it super easy to always keep one or two in a purse or a back pocket.

Last week I took my son to a dentist appointment, and of course he had to use the potty.  Luckily I had a Potty Cover in my purse.  I put it down over the toilet seat first, and I was so happy that it covered such a wide surface of the toilet!  Since little kids have to grip the side of the seat while they are sitting, the Potty Cover drapes over the sides of the seat.  And since toddlers legs’ don’t reach the ground, the Potty Cover also protects their legs by covering nearly the entire front of the toilet.

I was so glad to have this product on hand.  Who knows what kind of germs are lurking in public bathrooms?  With Potty Covers, now you don’t have to worry about that.

A pack of PottyCover sells for $5.99 and it is available on Amazon, Ebay, all Buy Buy Baby stores around the country and at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores.

The nice people from Potty Covers have been kind enough to offer one of my readers a pack of potty covers of their own!


Giveaway ends March 19.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.