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Halo Candle Company Review

Halo Candle Company has been in business since 1996, but in 2003 it came under new management–Bill and Raquel Lewis.  The company is based out of Missouri, but has a few stores scattered around the country.  Halo offers candles, wax melts, incense and much more, all with the max amount of fragrance oil you can use in wax.  That’s why the products from Halo are called “Extreme Fragrance”!

I was so excited to be able to review some wax melts from this company.

Bill was nice enough to send me 9 fragrances to review:  Pumpkin Pie Spice, Fruit Slices, White Ginger, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Key Lime Pie, Fabuloso Type, Blueberry Cheesecake, Hazelnut Pumpkin, and Egyptian Musk.  Halo Candle Company boasts a fragrance list of hundreds, so this is just a little sampling of what they have to offer!

One of the things I love most about looking at the Halo fragrance list was that there were definitely some unique scents there, ones I had never seen at other companies.  Some of these include Azalea, Lizard’s Breath, and Royal Wedding.

My take on the melts and fragrances:

First of all, I really love the little wax chips I got!  They were a really cute shape, and you get to choose the amount you wish to put into your warmer.  You could even order a few fragrances and mix your own scents!

Wax melts in Fruit Slices.

In my opinion, the best thing about the fragrances from this company is that they are VERY authentic.  Sometimes certain scents are hard to capture in wax form, but the ones I tried all smelled like the real thing.  Here are my notes.

Key Lime Pie–My FAVORITE out of all the scents I tested.  Top note is a zesty, creamy lime, but there is a sweetness there too.  The lime freshened the house, but not in a cleaning product way…in a fresh citrus way if that makes sense 😉

Fruit Slices–A citrus mix that is very bright and summery.  You can pick out the separate notes of orange and grapefruit, and there’s also a hint of lemon.  Medium to strong throw.

Blueberry Cheesecake–Great, authentic blueberry scent with the creamy, tangy cheesecake notes in the background.

Fabuloso–Wow, this one is strong!  This smells just like the real thing…if you don’t know, Fabuloso is a cleaning product that you can use to mop floors, clean counters, etc.  That’s just what this reminds me of–coming home to a kitchen my mom had just mopped when I was a kid.

Black Raspberry Vanilla–Delicious fragrance.  A very nice black raspberry fruit fragrance, with a small hint of floral in the background.  This one was on the lighter side for me, but I really liked the scent.

Pumpkin Pie Spice–A classic fall fragrance blend.  Cozy and warm spices- there is cinnamon there, but to me it’s not the main note.  I also get nutmeg and pumpkin.

White Ginger–I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one since I usually don’t like floral scents–but it’s really enjoyable!  This is a delicate, spa-like fragrance.  Would be awesome in a bath and body product!

Egyptian Musk–This is a bestseller for Halo!  I thought this would be reminiscent of incense, but it’s not.  It is a musky floral scent–quite a strong throw, too.  It reminds me of perfume.

Hazelnut Pumpkin–My other fave!  This is a perfect balance of the nuttiness of hazelnuts and warm pumpkin spice.  There is cinnamon but it’s not overwhelming!  This was a strong fragrance and it lasted for hours!

All in all, I quite enjoyed the wax I got to try from Halo Candle Company.  As I said before, their fragrances are some of the most authentic I have tried.  Check out their huge fragrance list and I’m sure you will be able to find something you love too!

Halo Candle Company Website

Halo Candle Company Facebook Page

*Note–I was sent these tarts at no cost for reviewing purposes, but that in no way influenced my results.  My thoughts and opinions are completely honest and my own.




Lynn’s Candles Review

Lynn’s Candles is a small home run business, owned by a very nice lady named Linda Rice.  I happened to come across her site one day by chance, and I liked what I saw.  Lynn’s Candles makes jar candles, votives, tarts, and many novelty shaped candles such as Coke glasses and dice.  A 16 oz. jar candle is $6.99, and you really can’t beat that!

Linda was pleased to send me a selection of tarts to review.  Let me just say, I am so glad I stumbled across her site!

The tarts I received.

It was REALLY hard for me to choose from her list of nearly 400 scents, but these are the ones I got:  Pineapple Cheesecake, Witches’ Brew, Alpine Snow Drift, Sun Breeze, Lemon Pound Cake, Mojito, Pumpkin Crunch Cake, Beach Linen, Caramel Apple Coffee, and Snow Berries.

The first thing you might notice, which was really my main problem with the tarts, was that they were packaged in plastic wrap.  This is usually a big no-no in the tart world, as certain kinds of plastic can leach the fragrance right out of the tarts.  Luckily, I had some spare cello bags from previous tarts I had melted, and repackaged them all quickly.  Since these tarts are 100 % soy, they were also kind of soft and a bit crumbly around the edges from being shipped.  I popped them in the fridge for a short time after they were repackaged, and they were good to go.

The labels are gorgeous, though.

My thoughts on each scent:

Caramel Apple Coffee–Since this tart was by far the strongest on cold sniff (I could smell it before I opened the box), I decided to melt it first.  Of course the top note was a very strong coffee, but after a while the coffee mellows out and you can catch the sweetness of the caramel and some of the apple.  This lingered in my house for hours even after I dumped it, so I would only order this if you are a BIG fan of coffee scents!  I liked it though.

Sun Breeze–This tart is named very well.  You can smell the bright sunny notes.  I would describe this as a floral laundry scent.  Very clean, perfect if you want to make your house smell like you just cleaned it even if you didn’t!

Snow Berries–I mainly got whiffs of winter berries with a background of pine.  This is not a sweet, juicy summer berry scent.  There is a bit of cinnamon in the background, but it’s not in your face spicy.  Nice, lighter winter scent.

Lemon Pound Cake–What a strong throw!  This tart definitely freshened my whole house.  It is a lot more lemony than it is bakery, and I think this was the first lemon scented tart where I got the “Lemon Pledge” notes that some have described.  But, I loved it!

Witches’ Brew–This is a very complex blend.  Notes I got were cinnamon, apples, grapes, pears, and a little hint of smoke.  It would seem that so many notes in one tart would be overbearing, but that was not the case at all.  I really like this as a fall scent, and it threw for many hours.

Beach Linen–Another great clean scent.  This is a laundry scent, but you can smell the watery notes as well as a light floral aroma.  VERY strong throw on this one, I loved it.

Pineapple Cheesecake–Sooooo yummy.  Main notes are sweet pineapple and tangy, creamy cream cheese.  You can also detect the cinnamon honey notes of the graham cracker crust in the background.  Medium throw on this one, it wasn’t in my face but I kept getting whiffs of it while it was melting.

Alpine Snow Drift–WOW.  Definitely my favorite scent of out the ones Linda sent me!  A strong blend of snowy, silvery pine, with a slight hint of mint in the background.  A perfect winter and holiday scent…I’m not sure how it’s done, but this scent just made me feel like it was winter even though I knew it was 97 degrees out.  🙂  LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

Mojito–This would be great for spring and summer!  I definitely thought it smelled like a cocktail, but not necessarily a mojito.  I could smell the rum, but there were no minty or lime notes.  Maybe it was a peach or mango?  I don’t think this scent was really mojito, but I liked it all the same.

Pumpkin Crunch Cake–Quintessential fall pumpkin scent.  Top note of bakery cinnamon, with other spice and buttery cake notes in the background.  I really like this and it is still throwing as we speak.  I like that it’s strong enough to scent a couple of rooms, but it’s not an eye-burning cinnamon like some others I have encountered.

I was really pleased with the selection of tarts I got from Lynn’s Candles.  The tarts, as I mentioned, are 100% soy, so I have no doubt if I would have left them to cure longer they would have gotten even better!  Linda is a very kind woman and easy to work with, and you can tell she really loves her craft.  Head on over to Lynn’s Candles and check out her scent list, it’s massive!  Add that to great prices and scents with big throws…you should give Lynn’s Candles a try!
Lynn’s Candles Website

*Note–I was sent these tarts at no cost for reviewing purposes, but that in no way influenced my results.  My thoughts and opinions are completely honest and my own.

Delightful Incense Review

Delightful Incense is named such because the owner, a very sweet lady named Amy, got started in her business by making incense (never could have guessed that, huh?).  They have recently, however, started making wax tarts.  A fact which ,I for one, am very happy about!

I first tried a Delightful Incense (DI) tart when Amy was nice enough to send me a sample of one in my favorite scent–Blue Sugar 🙂  I was so happy when I melted this tart, because not only is it hard to find a vendor who sells Blue Sugar (though it’s becoming more common), it’s hard to find a vendor who has an AWESOME Blue Sugar.  And that’s what my little tart was, awesome.  One scallop tart threw for at least 8 hours!

I knew after I tried that tart, that I definitely needed to make an order and try a few more of DI’s scents.  The prices are great–two tarts for $1.90, and she had a couple of fragrances listed that I hadn’t tried yet, so I made a little order:  one grubby scallop tart each of Coconut Cream Pie, Toasted Marshmallow, Vanilla Waffle Cone, and Vanilla Pinecones…and of course a couple more of those Blue Sugar I loved so much!

Here is my order.

I was so surprised when I opened my package–because Amy had sent me just as many freebies as tarts I had ordered!  She really is so generous.

In addition to the tarts I ordered, I also got as freebies: Orange Juice Cake, Honey Gingerbread, an extra Blue Sugar, a really adorable pumpkin shaped tart in Pumpkin Apple Butter, and a huge pie shaped tart in Buttercream!  Here’s a closer look at all the shapes I received.

Grubby scallop, jack o' lantern, scallop, pie

I couldn’t wait to start melting, even if it meant liquefying that cute little pumpkin.

Coconut Cream Pie–light throw on this one.  This is often the case for most coconut scents, for some reason it’s just hard to get a big throw out of coconut scents.  I mostly got a creaminess out of this tart, not quite sure if it was coconutty though.  One thing I did like was that I could smell the separate elements of the cream, and the buttery crust.

Vanilla Pinecones–this is a subdued, not so in-your-face pine scent.  The throw is light to medium.  It reminds me of a men’s body wash!  As a matter of fact, I would sniff my hubs all day long if he smelled like this.

Orange Juice Cake–I liked this tart.  Medium throw.  Instead of a fresh fruity orange, this is more of a creamy orange.  You can definitely pick up on the cake notes, there is a sweet vanilla and milk background behind the orange top notes.

Vanilla Waffle Cone–Another one I liked.  Rather than a waffle cone, this to me smelled like vanilla and walnut.  I would definitely say the nuttiness is the top note I got, with a little bit of baked brown sugar behind it.  Pretty nice throw on this tart, I could smell it from a room away.

Blue Sugar–Well, you already know my thoughts about this one!  My favorite scent, and probably the best Blue Sugar I have tried yet from any vendor.  I know this is supposed to be the masculine version of Pink Sugar, but that’s not what I think, necessarily.  This is a very complex scent with a lot of notes, but what I love about it are the vanilla and woody tones.  It’s one of those things that the description does not do it justice, you have to smell it to understand. 🙂

The funny part about melting these tarts for this review was that I ended up loving the tarts I got as freebies better than most of the ones I actually picked out in my order!

Pumpkin Apple Butter–How do I love thee!  This scent is now at the top of my list of Fall fragrances.  It threw for hours and hours, and I only dumped it out because I was ready for a change ( I saved the wax in a spare cup).  What I love about Delightful Incense’s Pumpkin Apple Butter is that it’s a lot more apple than it is pumpkin.  Usually, when you see “pumpkin” in the name of a scent, you are expecting the classic cinnamon/spicy base.  I love this scent because it is not spicy at all.  Apple is the top note, but it’s a fall apple, not a fruity apple.  There is a hint of spice in the background, but it’s not really cinnamon.  It may be nutmeg.  Whatever it is, I need some more of these tarts!

Honey Gingerbread–Another scent that blew me away.  When it first starts melting, you get the sweet honey notes mixed with some spice.  After a while though, the sweetness burns off and you’re left with a very yummy cinnamony, bakery scent.  This scent is called gingerbread, but in my opinion it is close to a zucchini bread scent. It is a house filler!!  I LOVE THIS.

Delightful Incense made me a very happy customer with their combination of amazing scents and wonderful customer service.  I can’t wait to make another order, and I hope you will check them out and do the same!!

Delightful Incense Website
Delightful Incense Facebook Page