My Review & Disclosure Policies



I am always open to reviewing products on my blog.  Please read the following information to better understand what you can expect from me.


I read many different types of books, so please don’t hesitate to send me a review request.  My preferred genres are YA, chick lit, paranormal, and mystery, but occasionally books from other genres pique my interest.  Reviews will be done on a first-come, first-served basis.  I can accept hard covers, paperbacks, or nook books. *NOTE* ADDED 4/22/12:  Due to the high number of review requests I’ve been receiving, I cannot give an exact date as to when I will have your review completed.  Books I need to read for tours and other commitments come first. 

Reviews will be posted on my Goodreads Page, and here on the blog as soon as I get a chance.  I will try my best to make an honest effort to finish your book.  If I feel I will not be able to post a positive review, I will email you and let you know.  It is up to you whether you want me to proceed with my review after that.  I will always write my honest opinions on the book, but I will try to list positive and negative points in my review.


I would love to review various types of products, including beauty, health, child, home, and much more.  I am a 28 year old stay at home mom, and I have a 30 year old husband and a 4 year old son.  If you have a product that would be of interest to anyone in my household, I’d love to try it out.

I will take a couple of weeks to use and review the product, then email my thoughts to you.  I am always honest and will list the pros and cons I experienced.  I will then put my thoughts into a blog post.

My Reach

I am currently at over 1,800 fans on my Facebook Fan Page, and I have over 1200 followers for my blog itself.  I am also on Twitter, where I have over 1300 followers, and Pinterest.

Please email me at celjla212 (at) aol (dot) com so we can discuss reviewing your product!!


This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. This blog does accept cash advertising, sponsorship, or paid topic insertion. However, I will and do accept and keep free products and books provided to me, strictly for review purposes.  The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine, and are not influenced in any way.

My blog accepts advance copies of books which are provided in exchange for honest reviews.  These books may be provided through NetGalley or a variety of other sources.  I will always disclose when a product of book has been provided in exchange for a review.

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