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REVIEW: Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil


Many years ago, I used to go to a hairdresser who used an amazing shampoo when she washed my hair.  It made my scalp tingle, and smelled spectacular too! When I asked what she was using, I learned that it was a salon grade shampoo and conditioner containing tea tree oil! Ever since, I have been on lookout for products containing tea tree oil.  There aren’t a ton, but I am excited to say that thanks to Apothecary Extracts, I can now create my own beauty recipes!

Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil comes in a huge 4 oz size.  I am so excited at the prospect of everything I will be able to make…and when you purchase the oil, Apothecary Extracts will send you an ebook containing over 50 uses for your new oil! You can use it for everything from facial scrub, to hand wash, to a cold remedy, or acne treatment.


In the few weeks I have had my bottle, I have already found a lot I can do with tea tree oil.  I have put drops in the bath to make it soothing and muscle relaxing.  I have used it in my vaporizer next to my bed at night, to help relieve serious nasal congestion due to a sinus infection.  I have added a few drops to the floor of my shower (only in the corners!) to make it an aromatherapy experience.  I have rubbed a bit on my temples when I had a particularly bad headache.  Tea tree oil is one of nature’s most versatile gifts, and can be used in almost any way you can think of!

Apothecary Extracts 100% tea tree oil is very, very potent, and for most jobs, no more than 10 drops will do what you need it to.  That is definitely not much, so I am thinking this huge bottle will last me for a while yet! And when I run out, I will surely be getting more.

DISCLAIMER: This post powered by BrandBacker.  I received free product for review purposes, but no other compensation was given. My thoughts and photos contained herein are my own.

OPI Polishes from Beauty Stop Online!

It’s pretty well known among my family and friends that I am a nail polish addict.  There isn’t a color I won’t wear or a trend I won’t try.

So I was very excited to get to try out a couple of polishes from my favorite brand, OPI, as supplied by Beauty Stop Online!

The polishes I received were:

Stay the Night, from the Mariah Carey collection

Matte Top Coat


Stay the Night is a Liquid Sand color, which means when the polish is applied, it finishes with a textured feel and appearance like sand.  Stay the Night is a black with pink flecks of glitter.

100_0148 100_0149

For some reason I could not accurately capture the Liquid Sand finish in a photo…I tried different kinds of lighting and they all came out blurry :/

But the effect is really cool, and I like that you don’t have to apply a top coat! And for polish without a top coat, it stayed chip free for a while…about 4 days.  Be warned though, the texture makes the polish a bit harder to remove than normal.  I will definitely be trying to get more Liquid Sand shades!


The Matte Top Coat is an awesome idea and something I had been desiring for a while!  The idea is that it’s a top coat that basically takes away the shine of a regular nail polish…mattifying it.  This is big for fall.

Here is my polish shade before the Matte Top Coat:

100_0152 100_0153

And after applying one coat of OPI Matte Top Coat:

100_0154 100_0155

As you can see, the shine is totally gone! The top coat is kind of like a glaze.  It can completely change your polish look.  I love it.  Didn’t give much chip protection though, but that may have been due to the base color I was wearing (I haven’t had much luck with L’Oreal polishes).


You can find a ton more OPI shades and other products at Beauty Stop Online!  And they also carry a wide variety of items for all your hair, makeup, and cosmetic needs.

**DISCLAIMER: I was compensated for this post in the form of free products.  Nevertheless, my thoughts and opinions are my own and I would not endorse a product I wouldn’t use myself.