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OPI Polishes from Beauty Stop Online!

It’s pretty well known among my family and friends that I am a nail polish addict.  There isn’t a color I won’t wear or a trend I won’t try.

So I was very excited to get to try out a couple of polishes from my favorite brand, OPI, as supplied by Beauty Stop Online!

The polishes I received were:

Stay the Night, from the Mariah Carey collection

Matte Top Coat


Stay the Night is a Liquid Sand color, which means when the polish is applied, it finishes with a textured feel and appearance like sand.  Stay the Night is a black with pink flecks of glitter.

100_0148 100_0149

For some reason I could not accurately capture the Liquid Sand finish in a photo…I tried different kinds of lighting and they all came out blurry :/

But the effect is really cool, and I like that you don’t have to apply a top coat! And for polish without a top coat, it stayed chip free for a while…about 4 days.  Be warned though, the texture makes the polish a bit harder to remove than normal.  I will definitely be trying to get more Liquid Sand shades!


The Matte Top Coat is an awesome idea and something I had been desiring for a while!  The idea is that it’s a top coat that basically takes away the shine of a regular nail polish…mattifying it.  This is big for fall.

Here is my polish shade before the Matte Top Coat:

100_0152 100_0153

And after applying one coat of OPI Matte Top Coat:

100_0154 100_0155

As you can see, the shine is totally gone! The top coat is kind of like a glaze.  It can completely change your polish look.  I love it.  Didn’t give much chip protection though, but that may have been due to the base color I was wearing (I haven’t had much luck with L’Oreal polishes).


You can find a ton more OPI shades and other products at Beauty Stop Online!  And they also carry a wide variety of items for all your hair, makeup, and cosmetic needs.

**DISCLAIMER: I was compensated for this post in the form of free products.  Nevertheless, my thoughts and opinions are my own and I would not endorse a product I wouldn’t use myself.