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The Shandle: The Potty Training Tool You Never Knew You Needed!

My son turned 5 yesterday, so he’s been potty trained for a couple of years.  Nevertheless, if you have a son, you know he may still have some issues long after the basics of potty training are done: remembering to flush, aiming(!), and putting the toilet seat down!

The Shandle toilet seat handle is the cool new device designed to help your young son with raising and lowering the toilet seat.

Here’s how it works:

Cute and simple, which makes it all the more attractive for a little kid to use.


We received 2 designs to try: Seahorses and a really adorable Alien!

Putting The Shandle toilet seat handle on is a snap!  Simply remove the backing from the adhesive and hold The Shandle in place for 30 seconds.


The adhesive is very sticky, and The Shandle can be used within hours of application–thought it’s best to wait a whole day.

This is what they look like when the seat is down:



There are also humorous and natural designs as well, so you can choose to fit your taste.


As for my son, he liked the seahorse design and it didn’t take him long to get used to using The Shandle!  I like that it keeps his hands a lot cleaner than just grabbing the underside of the toilet seat.  Another thing I appreciate about it is that it allows him to set the seat down gently, rather than slamming it down, which is what he was doing before.

Our Shandles have been on for a few weeks and are still holding strong.

You can get The Shandle toilet seat handle here!