REVIEW: Tottels–Towels for Tots


If you have a young child in your house, then this should be a familiar bathroom sight:


What is that, you may ask? That is a towel that my six year has pulled off the towel rack, used to dry his hands, and left crumpled on the floor, of course!  When your kid is big enough to wash his and by himself, but not quite big enough to reach the towels on the rod, it presents a unique problem.  This is where Tottels, Towels for Tots, come in!

Tottels are an instant solution to the problem of your kids leaving hand towels all over the bathroom floor.  With their amazing design and built in snaps that promote adjustability, they are a cinch to use.


As you can see, the towel itself is not like regular hand towels.  It’s long and rather thinner, with a rounded bottom.  On the top half, along the sides are two sets of snaps that you can adjust according to the height of your towel bar and your child.


You simply put one end of the Tottel over the towel bar, find it’s desired length, and snap the towel’s sides together! The Tottel remains securely in place, and hangs at the perfect level for your young child to dry his or her hands.


My child is obsessed with cars, so this pattern was definitely perfect for him! He loved having a towel of his very own, and I love the fact that there are no more wet hand towels thrown on the bathroom floor.


The Tottel is thick, comfortable, durable, and super absorbent.  Its’ uses can far transcend the bathroom! Try taking a Tottel to your kitchen, RV, car, and more!


Buy your Tottel here, available in three fun designs!

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