About this Sweet Southern SAHM

I am a SAHM from the Deep South!  I love my life, and I am very passionate about my hobbies:  being a great wife and mother, reading , cooking and baking, and reviewing products and books!

    you sound so sweet! I also love being a wife and mother my kids are all grown but still love cookking and baking and making my own blakets and pillows but I love making scented candles! have since the 80’s
    there’s nothing like walking into a room that smells so nice just makes you feel good
    I make my candles with soy wax and strong scented right now working on halloween and other holiday candles love them they all smell so good and yes I love making up my own scents by mixing other scents together you never know what good scents you can come up with
    your site is so nice keep up the good work
    take care

  2. Hi Carrie,
    Hope things are going well and you’re having a good day with the things you love.
    We were given a nice surprise when our son and his two little girls decided to stop in for a visit, The girls are heart warmers at age 4 and 2.
    I enjoy your blog today. Please drop over and check my giveaway of “Capital Murder” a good mystery from “New York Times” bestselling author Phillip Margolin.
    Also have a big book signing for my novel on Friday, wish me luck.
    Mike Draper

  3. I thought we were already Goodreads friends but found we weren’t yet so I sent you a ‘friend’ request.

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  5. Hi, I nominated you for The Sunshine Blog Award! I love your blog and reviews!

  6. Love your blog! I have started an Alabama book blog at http://alabamaletters.blogspot.com. I look at all genres and formats.

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